Woman Regrets Getting J&J Vaccine After Suffering Blood Clots, German Scientists Say They Can Know Cause of Childhood Injuries • Protecting Children’s Health

Symptoms began six to eight days after Johnson & Johnson’s COVID vaccination when doctors discovered blood clots in his lungs, stomach, brain and throat.

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An Oregon woman developed rare blood clots after receiving the COVID vaccine at Johnson & Johnson (J&J) COVID earlier this month.

Barbara Buchanan chose J&J because it was a one -dose shot, and because experts declared the vaccine safe afterwards. they raised a 10-day halt, KGW8 reports. The US stop is prompted in a review by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) of reports of rare blood purification.

Buchanan said he was now regretting his decision. First the 63-year-old noticeable symptoms six to eight days after his shooting.

“I have a low-grade temperature and I really feel tired,” he said. “I think I suffer from seasonal allergies.”

Buchanan also felt severe cramping in his legs, which he attributed to arthritis. Afterwards he started coughing up blood. Doctors at Providence St. Vincent Medical Center ran a CT scan and discovered blood clots in his lungs, stomach, brain and throat.

“There’s an association with a very small number of people who get this vaccine who get this special blood type with low platelets,” as Dr. Ray Moreno, chief medical officer of St.

Moreno said Buchanan had blood with low platelets, a pattern seen in cases that prompted the CDC and U.S. Food and Drug Administration last month. stopping the vaccine. But Moreno said the reaction was “very unusual” and people shouldn’t be afraid to be vaccinated.

“As with any medicine or medical treatment, there is always the possibility that someone will have bad reaction. That’s why it’s important to talk to your doctor, do research and make an informed decision, ”Moreno said in a statement with ABC’s KAT2TV.

As for Buchanan, he SAYS the experience was “terrible.” She was afraid I would never see my house or my family again. ”He spent about a week in the hospital and was released Monday. The clots were still in her body and she needed to thin the blood.

“I have a good support system at home, but I’m scared, I’m scared,” Buchanan said. “People don’t think if they go to bed at night they won’t wake up the next day. I don’t know that anymore.”

Agreed to latest data from the CDC’s Vaccine Bad Vacation Reporting System (VAERS), between December 14, 2020 and May 21 there 4,433 reports in clotting diseases and other related conditions. In those, 1,842 reports dedicated to Pfizer, 1,168 reports in Moderna and 1,093 reports of J&J.

German scientists think they can figure out what causes blood clots

German researchers on Wednesday said they believe they found causes unusual hemorrhage involved in J&J and AstraZeneca Covid vaccines.

The researchers, in an unreviewed study, said COVID vaccines were used adenovirus vectors – cold viruses used to deliver vaccine material – send some of their charge to the stem of the cells, where some instructions for making coronavirus proteins can be misread. This can result in proteins that can trigger blood diseases in some recipients.

Some scientists have proposed competition theories for the clotting condition.

Scientists and US and EU drug regulators looking for the cause of rare but potentially fatal clots accompanied by low blood platelet counts. The situation led some countries to stop or limit the use of AstraZeneca and J&J vaccines.

Johnson & Johnson, sa an email statement said: “We support the ongoing research and analysis of this rare event as we work with medical experts and health authorities around the world. We look forward to reviewing and sharing the data as it becomes feasible.”

AstraZeneca ningdumili to comment.

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