The average daily death in the U.S. is below 300 for the 1st time in more than a year

As the United States has reported most of the lowest levels of COVID-19 since the start of the pandemic, the CDC now predicts weekly virus forecasts that the country’s steady viral decline will continue in the foreseeable future. week.

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Nationally, daily deaths, new cases, and hospital admissions are expected to decrease over the next four weeks.

On the heels of the nation’s horrific milestone of 600,000 confirmed lives lost to the coronavirus, for the first time since March 27, 2020, the average daily death toll in the U.S. has fallen below 300, nearly 22% last week. Newly reported deaths are expected to decrease in 8 jurisdictions, while trends are predicted to remain uncertain or stable in other states and territories.

The average daily case in the U.S. remained around 12,000 for the second consecutive day, which also fell 9.7% last week. A reminder, however, that the data has become increasingly inconsistent, as many states have chosen not to release daily COVID-19 reports. In addition, only about 9% of U.S. counties had high community shipments in the past 7 days, compared to more than 45% in counties nine weeks ago.

Test levels remain at their lowest point for almost a year, with the country now having between 600,000 and 700,000 tests a day on average.

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Mayor said it was time to move the homeless from hotels

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said Wednesday it was time to relocate homeless residents housed in hotels during the coronavirus pandemic back to habitats, while awaiting action from the state.

“Everything is ready,” de Blasio said. “Obviously, the situation has improved a lot. Everything in our planning is in place. We really know what shelters people will return. We’re ready to go. All we need is permission from the community. state of New York. “


At the start of the pandemic, the city evacuated more than 12,000 homeless from overcrowded residences and more than 60 hotels to keep them safe and socially distant. However, concerned neighbors say that as the city is changing one problem, it has created another-including many quality of life issues in the neighborhoods.

NYC will continue the vaccination contest for $ 2,500 prizes in July

Mayor Bill de Blasio informed residents Wednesday that New York City -administered areas are being vaccinated Now you have a chance to win $ 2,500. The match consists of 10 cash prizes awarded each week until the month of July. The mayor said for those who are not vaccinated, all they have to do is make an appointment to qualify.

“It’s a real opportunity after all that everyone has been through,” de Blasio said. “I think most New Yorkers can afford $ 2,500 right now. Make a huge difference in your lives.”

Yankee Stadium to return to full potential

If the Yankees go to the field on Friday night, they will do so in front of an entire house. The New York Yankees announced Tuesday that Yankee Stadium will return to full capacity starting Friday, June 18 against the Oakland A’s.

NY mandated COVID bans taken in commercial, social settings

Gov. Andrew Cuomo said the state of New York has mandated COVID bans in commercial and social settings lifted effectively immediately – and to celebrate, there will be fireworks across the state on Tuesday night.

“We’ve hit 70% vaccination,” a victorious Cuomo said Tuesday, meaning the state can now “come back to life as we know it.”

The NY Philharmonic plans 80 concerts at two venues at Lincoln Center

The New York Philharmonic announced the dates for this new season, which begins Sept. 17. They plan about 80 concerts, up from 120 in a normal year. At the orchestra’s home, David Geffen Hall in Lincoln Center, amid $ 550 million renovations, most of the concerts are at two more venues, the Alice Tully Hall and the Rose Theater. Four concerts will be held at Carnegie Hall, and there will be a run of “Messiah” at Riverside Church. The orchestra will present three Sunday matinees, this is the first since 1960, to expand the audience. There will be no running, at least until December, to prevent gatherings, and the orchestra will follow the health guidance.

U.S. COVID-19 deaths kill 600,000, the same as the annual number of cancers

The US the deaths from COVID-19 topped 600,000 on Tuesday, even as the vaccination push brought in many daily cases and deaths and allowed the country to come out of the darkness and look forward to summer. The number of lives lost, as recorded by Johns Hopkins University, is much higher than the population of Baltimore or Milwaukee. This is equivalent to the number of Americans who died of cancer in 2019. Worldwide, COVID-19 deaths accounted for nearly 3.8 million. Real totals in the U.S. and around the world are thought to be much higher, with many cases being overlooked or possibly hidden in some countries.

Additional evidence suggests that COVID-19 will be in the U.S. by Christmas 2019

A new analysis of blood samples from 24,000 Americans taken early last year is the latest and most comprehensive study suggesting that the new coronavirus arrived in the US in December 2019 – Weeks before the cases are first identified by health officials. The analysis is uncertain, and some experts remain skeptical, but federal health officials are increasingly accepting of a timeline in which a small number of COVID-19 infections may have occurred in the U.S. before it was known- the world is in danger of a new virus exploding in China. .

“The studies are equally consistent,” says Natalie Thornburg, of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

More than 800 New Yorkers have been given the expired COVID vaccine

A pop-up vaccination site at the former NFL Experience site in Times Square informed 899 patients that they needed to be vaccinated as well after receiving an endless dose of Pfizer. The town’s Department of Health said they “spoke with Pfizer, which recommended that patients receive another dose as soon as possible. While there is no safety risk for patients, management is also being taken to ensure that individuals are fully protected. “

Long Island school district denies student mask exemption request from family pediatrician

A medical consultant for the New York State Department of Education withheld a request from the pediatrician of a Long Island elementary school student that he should not wear a mask outside because of his asthma, agreed with the documents obtained exclusively by Eyewitness News.

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