Short morning: ‘Election urgency’, vaccine damage compensation

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Good morning, and happy Friday.

‘Election urgency’ for Liberal nominations: Federal Liberals create party rule of “election urgency” that allows it speed up the pace of nominations and changes to the rules governing candidate selection. As reported by The Globe, this is a routine administrative move, but will be added to the assumption of the time of the next election, expected this year.

Sinclair criticized the RCMP Kamloops investigation: Retired senator and former chairman of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, Murray Sinclair, told a Commons committee he was informed that the RCMP was launching an investigation into the discovery of children’s bodies in a residential area formerly at the Kamloops school. He criticized the involvement of the police and accused the RCMP of threatening people join the search. He called for an independent investigation to examine all graves near the schools previously inhabited, where he said it was necessary. chaired by a parliamentary committee than the federal government.

Meanwhile, all federal opposition parties have said they support the NDP’s motion to expedite efforts to document unmarked graves in school residence areas and drop the legal battle against the Natives. The Liberals, however, did not say how they would vote on Monday.

And more than a dozen Canadian lawyers have formally requested one The International Criminal Court review of the Canadian and Vatican governments for crimes against humanity.

Vaccine damage compensation: Applications are opened for federal vaccine damage compensation. Effects from Canadian health approvals must be “serious and permanent” to qualify for support. The new program includes other vaccines as well as COVID-19 shots.

Liberals have accused the Tories of filibustering the C-10: The federal government is working to close the debate on the controversial law controlled online streaming services under the Broadcasting Act. It has been reviewed by the Canadian heritage committee since February, and at this stage, the committee will not finish the review before the summer recess begins on June 23.

The NDP discusses maternal mental health: NDP health critic Don Davis writes to Health Minister Patty Hadju demanding a national approach to mental health for pregnant and new mothers. It helps women from pregnancy up to a year after giving birth to a child. Legislative members of Davies ’private member, C-306, will expand care and create awareness of perinatal mental health disorders.

‘A fundamental injustice’ to vaccine access: Leaders from WHO and Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, are urges Canada to share overdose of the vaccine with the poorest countries. Canada increased its cash commitment to COVAX this week, but did not share any doses, despite requests for help – and the fact that some provinces find it difficult to use all of their doses. before they were finished.

Come on: This is it Labor Day in Canada. Statistics Canada will reveal how the job market is doing in May.


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G7 finance ministers meet: Finance ministers from seven of the world’s richest countries will meet in London today for a two -day talks. They focused on aligning U.S. and European methods of corporate taxation to test that broker a global corporate tax deal.

The US is ready to share: Ship to US 80 million doses of the vaccine in many countries around the world this month. (Six million doses will go to neighbors, including Canada.) Meanwhile, Europe is still opposed to a proposal to temporarily abandon COVID-19. vaccine patents to help grow around the world.

Belarusian writer Roman Protasevich said, in a tearful TV appearance, of organizing anti-government protests and attempting to overthrow President Alexander Lukashenko. As for his family he was forced to make confession.

This is the anniversary of those The Tiananmen Square massacre. Hong Kong banned the June Fourth vigils for the second year in a row, and the Active in pro-democracy in Hong Kong and the organizer of the vigil Chow Hang Tung was arrested by the promoter of the unauthorized assembly.

Anywhere: France suspends its joint military operation on errors army. According to Macron Pension changes in France provoking months of national strikes not going on as planned. expelled Myanmar politicians called for the Rohingya to join the fight against the junta. Cost of food rising at the fastest pace in more than a decade. The U.S. Justice Department is investigating postmaster general of possible violation of campaign finance laws. Arctic sea ​​ice thinning twice as fast as imagined.


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A parking lot in Hong Kong sold a record US $ 1.3 million. That will work up to almost US $ 10,000 per square meter.

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