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The Supreme Court on Tuesday rejected Johnson & Johnson’s appeal to overturn a $ 2.1 billion judgment for plaintiffs claiming the company’s talc powder products gave them ovarian cancer.

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The Supreme Court on Tuesday REJECTED an appeal by Johnson & Johnson (J&J) to overturn a $ 2.1 billion judgment for plaintiffs who claim the talc powder company’s products gave them ovarian cancer.

The drug company, that is developed the Janssen COVID vaccine, asked the superior court to review the verdict, arguing that it had not received a fair trial in Missouri where the court given an honor a $ 4.7 billion compensation to 22 women who experienced ovarian cancer.

The verdict is decreased up to $ 2.1 billion in June 2020, through the Missouri court of appeals.

J&J stopped selling talc powder products in the US and Canada last year. But the company is still facing more than 21,800 lawsuits alleging asbestos in talc powder products, including baby powder, causes ovarian cancer.

Ken Starr, a prosecutor representing the women who sued J&J, wrote in court instructions that the pharma The company “has known for decades that their talc powders contain asbestos, a highly carcinogenic substance with unknown levels of exposure.”

she WROTE:

“They could have protected customers by switching from talc to cornstarch, as their own scientists suggested in 1973. But talc is cheaper and the petitioners don’t want to sacrifice revenue for a safe. product. “

J&J keeps baby -safe powder safe and free of asbestos or cancer -causing substances.

The lawsuits linking talc powder to cancer are not the first time J&J has been sued about the safety of its products.

Others main lawsuits in J&J and remember for faulty products included:

  • 1995: $ 7.5 million fine for destruction of documents to cover up an investigation into the misappropriation of Retin-A acne cream to remove wrinkles.
  • 1996: An undisclosed settlement of false claims of condom protection claims to protect against HIV and other STDs.
  • 2001: Paid $ 860 million to a class action lawsuit for misleading customers about the timeless disposal of its 1-Day Acuvue soft contact lens. J&J recommends that they be worn only once, even if it is known that the lenses are no different than the usual Acuvue lens that lasts for two weeks.
  • 2010: $ 81 million settlement for wrong name the anti-epileptic drug Topamax to treat psychiatric illnesses and get outside doctors to join its marketing force to improve the drug for the unapproved condition. The following year, J&J paid $ 85 million for a similar charge against the prescription drug Natrecor.
  • 2011: Many J&J baby products are discovered containing carcinogenic substances.
  • 2013: The U, S. Justice Department gisuhan the company $ 2.2 billion in criminal fines for trafficking autism and anti-psychotic risk Risperdal for unapproved use. Forty-five states have filed civil lawsuits against J&J in the scandal. Janssen also has an aggressive campaign to sell Risperdal for use by children with behavioral challenges. Other serious side effects from Risperdal reports the FDA is associated with diabetes mellitus, hyperprolactinaemia, somnolence, depression, anxiety, psychotic behavior, suicide and death.

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