Invisible Emails Show Supported ‘Grotesque’ Experiments at Wuhan Lab • Protecting Children’s Health

Emails obtained by BuzzFeed through the Freedom of Information Act indicate that Dr. Anthony Fauci lied about the origins of COVID, the effectiveness of paper masks and more.

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on sneezing under last night’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson said showing the evidence Anthony Fauci Dr. “was involved in the most deadly pandemic he was charged with fighting.”

Emails Obtained by BuzzFeed through the Freedom of Information Act featuring “Fauci supported the frightening and dangerous experiments that appear to have been done COVID possible, ”Carlson said.

The emails, which began in the early winter of 2020, Fauci showed concern the public mind. COVID originated at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in Wuhan, China. Why?

“It’s possible because Tony Fauci knows he’s fully funded experiments obtained in the same laboratory, ”Carlson said.

The emails show Fauci and other leading virologists sharing an article from ZeroHedge proposing COVID a man -made bioweapon. Even if it’s a “credible explanation,” according to Carlson, ZeroHedge is banned from social media.

Carlson said:

“Until now, you have not been allowed to suggest that COVID can be man -made. Why can’t you suggest that? Truth checkers will not allow it Why don’t they like it? Because Tony Fauci promised the tech monopolies that the coronavirus cannot be man -made. And so the technology monopolies stopped the topic. “

According to the emails, Fauci also admitted people with COVID are more likely to have “a lot of resistance,” meaning they don’t need the vaccine. Fauci “never admitted that in public,” Carlson said.

In October 2020, Children’s Health (CHD) chairman Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. WROTE of Rep. Bill Posey (R-Fla.) Asking Congressman to examine the factors that predate and contribute to the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.

In April, CHD appealed to people urge their members of Congress to support ANG 834, Pandemics Need to Investigate, Plan, and Respond Effectively – Law Preparation. The research, introduced by Posey, will create an independent bipartisan congressional commission to answer questions about the COVID-19 pandemic and help the U.S. be better prepared for future pandemic threats.

Check out the section below to hear Carlson’s take on Fauci’s newly discovered emails:

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