Do vaccine incentives work? Depends on how skeptical you are

RALEIGH, NC (WNCN)-Worldwide, the CDC reports that 17 percent of adults are still skeptical about the COVID-19 vaccine. While incentives from governments and companies may sell some people, they may also deter others altogether.

CVS announced Tuesday that it is raffleing Superbowl tickets, a cruise, and music festival passes for the vaccinated.

Austin Austin, a professor or psychiatry at the UNC School of Medicine, said incentives are limited.

“I think they might work best for those who just need a little to choose to be vaccinated. I don’t think they can stop anyone who is strong enough to resist, ”he said.

A nationwide survey from UCLA’s COVID-19 Health and Politics Project on vaccine incentives found:

  • $ 25 ruined 28 percent of many people
  • $ 50 broke 31 percent of many people
  • $ 100 ruined 34 percent of many people
  • 15 per cent were reluctant when there was money offered

Hall recounts that it’s hard to control why this is possible.

“I think individuals are already on the path to that kind of thinking that they can’t, even if they choose to be vaccinated quickly,” Hall said.

In Ohio, the Associated Press reported a 33 percent increase in vaccination rates after announcing a $ 1 million lottery for vaccinated adults.

Governor Roy Cooper (D) said he was talking to lawmakers from the same party about a potential vaccination lottery in North Carolina, such as other states trying to raise vaccination rates.

“We’re actually looking at what other states have done and looking at their numbers to see if it’s working. I’ve talked to a lot of lawmakers on both sides of the aisle about the potential to do that. kind of thing here, ”Cooper told CBS 17.“ And, I think most everyone has the opinion that whatever works, whatever people get vaccinated, we want to try because we know that’s key to getting out of this pandemic to getting our economy back on track. ”

Hall said getting more vaccines with caregivers could also give a little push.

“Providers can talk to the patient, and be educated, given hesitation, and after the vaccination process is complete – or at least the first step in the vaccination process if it’s a two -dose vaccine – there right in the office, ”Hall said.

Because vaccines are free, companies cannot directly make money to encourage them. They can expect it to look good for their own employees and the public.

As well as some employers or private businesses that offer incentives, such as a donut, to the general public, may in part seek to explain to their own employees that they really want to encourage vaccinated and want to create a safe workplace ”Hall explained. “And if they get good PR out of it, I think the profits are good.”

CVS sweepstakes:

  • CVS Health: (125) $ 500 giveaways and (5) $ 5,000 cash prizes for family reunions
  • Norwegian Cruise Line: (100) 7-day trips for two in a balcony stateroom to your chosen destination including the Caribbean, Alaska, Europe, and more
  • Procter & Gamble: VIP travel to Super Bowl LVI in Los Angeles for two including Super Bowl game tickets, airfare, hotel, and more
  • Unilever: (250) Night Out coupon booklets to be used toward free Unilever products such as Dove, TRESemmé, Suave, Degree, Schmidt’s, St. Louis. Ives, and others. Great prize in a 2022 NCAA Final pack for two.
  • Bermuda Tourism Authority: (5) three night / four day travel for two including airfare, deluxe hotel accommodation, roundtrip transportation, and more
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Other vaccine incentives:

  • Target: $ 5 gift card for people vaccinated through CVS
  • Krispy Creams: One free glazed donut a day for anyone who shows their COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card
  • North Carolina Central University: Weekly provision for vaccinated students. Prizes include smart TVs, laptops, and student housing credit.
  • Worldwide citizens: Tell the organization why you were vaccinated and earn points to use on tickets to events like the Formula 1 United States Grand Prix and the MLB World Series.

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