An anxiety-conscious person who learns of the vaccine does not produce antibodies to COVID

New research shows that people who are immunocompromised have a difficult time developing antibodies to COVID-19, a reason why someone on Long Island said he was nowhere or seen anyone in 15 months.

William Nelson, 81, is a retired law professor at NYU who has been firmly playing it since the pandemic hit because he was immunocompromised. Nelson was diagnosed eight years ago with chronic lymphocytic leukemia so he decided to get the COVID-19 vaccine. He did but later tests showed he had no antibodies from the vaccine.

Consistent with doctors, some studies have now shown that COVID-19 vaccines do not give antibodies to some patients with diseases that cause a weakened immune system or who are taking medications that suppress their immune system. system.

“We have not yet seen a single patient get the vaccine despite a suppressed antibody response to COVID,” Drs. Jeffrey Schneider, of Perlmutter Cancer Center Long Island. “Even if we are concerned, and we advise patients to be careful we also know that there are other ways in which the immune system protects them without showing antibodies.”

Nelson says, “I want to see my daughter and her husband. I want to see friends. I want to be out of the world.”

Nelson decided to get another round of vaccination to see if it could produce antibodies. That’s not recommended and can be dangerous, experts say. Nelson said he made the choice because he felt taking COVID was more risky for him.

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