RCN renews call for more cautious guidance on PPE among the latest variant of Covid-19

The UK is “behind” other countries in the approach to personal protective equipment (PPE) and infection control, the Royal College of Nursing warned as it renewed its call for better protection for nurse among the newly shipped variety of Covid- 19 was the first to be identified in India.

Rose Gallagher, professional lead for the prevention and control of RCN infection, said urgent action was needed to “improve ventilation and provide adequate PPE in all conditions of care”, and warned against all- os reliance on the vaccination program.

The RCN, along with other unions, has campaigned in recent months for more cautious guidance on PPE following various concerns and evidence about Covid-19 airborne transmission, but previous investigations government found no reason for change.

The college has now renewed its call amid concerns about the speed of the spread of the B1.617.2 variety, which was first recognized in India.

Currently, UK instruction only recommends the use of a higher grade FFP3 respiratory mask for aerosol production procedures, but the RCN admits that it is used by most other health and care workers. nasud.

“We know that health care worker mortality has decreased in other countries where there is a strong commitment to providing even higher levels of PPE,” Ms Gallagher said.

“There’s a lot the UK needs to know about the transfer of Covid-19 inside our hospitals and the risk from this airborne infection.”

He added: “We need to act now to improve ventilation and provide adequate PPE in all care settings as standard, if necessary, so as not to add to the alarming statistics of hundreds of care professionals. of the health of the deceased who died of Covid-19. ”

In addition, Ms Gallagher warned against a single reliance on the Covid-19 vaccination program.

“Despite current success in reducing infections in the majority of the population, not all staff are vaccinated and no vaccine is 100% effective,” he said.

“The UK has a lot to know about the transfer of Covid-19 inside our hospitals and risks from this airborne infection”

Rose Gallagher

“The threat of new varieties is very different, and the third wave is predicted, so we don’t think the pandemic is behind us.”

The government says there is no evidence to show the latest variant of Covid-19 causes people to be more severely ill or it avoids the vaccine, but the growth rate has been monitored.

It said it was working quickly to ensure appropriate action was taken and as part of it, the most dangerous country would be offered their second Covid-19 jab sooner.

Work has also been done to make it easier for Bolton and Blackburn qualifiers to get the vaccine along with Darwen, where the variety is most famous, according to the government.

In response to the RCN’s call for better protection for health and care workers, a spokesman for the Department of Health and Social Care said: protecting frontline staff from this pandemic.

“The PPE recommendations included in infection prevention and prevention guidelines were approved by an expert team of clinicians and scientists from all four UK countries, in line with the latest clinical evidence. our experts continue to learn from constant review. ”

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