New CDC advice on masking sheds light on how people perceive COVID-19 in Quad-Cities | Local News

“We just want you to wear a mask until you get to the table.”

Dr. Cody Meissner of Tufts University on how this vaccine could be made

New COVID-19 instruction for Iowa public schools

Following the CDC’s revision of masking instructions for fully vaccinated people, the Iowa Department of Public Health announced it was making changes to the COVID-19 guidance for public schools.

In a news release, Iowa health officials said:

“We simultaneously revised our COVID-19 guidelines for school and child care settings, including quarantine guidance, to recommend that while children who are positive and symptomatic of COVID-19 should be excluded, exposed children no longer need to stay at home, regardless of mask.use.

“In addition, if there is a positive case, parents should be informed about COVID-19 exposure so that they can make their own informed decisions about the risk. A face mask for the reasons that reasonable for their family or individual child’s health status, we encourage schools and child care settings to give parents and students the option to make their own decisions about using the mask. “

Death of COVID-19 in QC, other figures

A COVID-19 death was reported Friday in QC-marking four consecutive days of virus-related deaths in the area.

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