Like Pandemic Recedes in the US, Calls are Growing for an Investigative Commission

“We have the worst disaster in most Americans’ lives – real death, real suffering, many future issues, economic issues, ”Mr. Schmidt said in his first talk about his involvement. “I want to see a detailed analysis of what happened and I want to see recommendations to prevent it from happening in the future. I think Americans owe that to that.”

Just as the victims and their families helped call for a 9/11 commission, coronavirus victims and their families pushed for the Covid-19 panel. On Wednesday, after this article was published online, a group of victims tagged Covid, issued a statement praised the efforts of Mr. Zelikow and calling President Biden to “support a full and transparent investigation.”

The planning team did not participate in many interviews and avoided key figures such as Drs. Anthony S. Fauci and Deborah L. Birx, the Trump White House coronavirus response coordinator, are critical of any investigation. Instead it runs a “listening session,” according to Mr. Zelikow, which asks health experts, governors, mayors, business leaders and others what a commission should look into.

With more than two dozen expert advisors from across political colors, including two Food and Drug Administration commissioners and a former director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the group created detailed notes on these sessions and outlines a blueprint for an extensive – question set that will include, but is difficult to limit to, an analysis of the origin of the virus – including the lantugion Theory of “lab leak”. That part of the inquiry will be done by national and international panels of scientists, according to Mr. Zelikow.

“We want to know everything from the origin of the virus to how to make diagnostic testing more applicable which is why we see so many differences in the impact of the pandemic across different socioeconomic and diverse and ethnic groups. , “said Mark B. McClellan, a group advisor and former FDA commissioner in the George W. Bush administration.

Mr. Zelikow, a national security expert and former diplomat, is now a professor of history at the University of Virginia. His group operates outside the university’s Miller Center for Public Affairs, in cooperation with Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Health Security and Bloomberg School of Public Health.

The Sept. 11 commission, created by an act of Congress signed into law at the end of 2002 by a first -time opposition Mr. Bush, was an independent, bipartisan panel that spent a year and a half in office. -investigate attacks and preparedness in the country. for them, making public hearings of what constitutes a national reckoning.

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