Alex Jones launches “Plandemic” style conspiracy theory to prevent COVID-19 vaccination

Far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones is beginning to launch a new conspiracy theory in COVID-19 claiming that world powers planned and executed a worldwide pandemic with the utmost purpose. to release a vaccine that gives the majority of the world’s population severe brain damage. Videos promoting this conspiracy theory have garnered more than 5 million views since April 3 on Infowars ’streaming platform

Jones, that always is promotes lies regarding vaccines, introduced conspiracy theory on Saturday aired on The Alex Jones Show on April 3, outlined in a 2017 report released by the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health on a hypothetical scenario in which a disease falsely called “SPARS” causes a global pandemic between the years 2025 and 2028.

The 89-page report, along with a web page explains the SPARS exercise, available to the public online at the Johns Hopkins website. According to the report, the purpose of the exercise is to provide public health communication professionals with incentives to help them imagine how to respond to difficult conditions during a global pandemic and the next. fall, including attempts to end the pandemic by vaccination. As one would expect with an exercise, there are many things that can go wrong with the scenario, and its readers are presented with many challenges.

During his broadcast on April 3, Jones alleged that the Johns Hopkins report was not an exercise, but instead the “smoking gun” revealed a plan by the world’s shadow powers to unleash a global pandemic and after destroying the planet with a vaccine designed to maim As Jones said, the overall purpose of the plot is supposedly “to kill you and save the earth.” (Jones was unclear in his broadcast about who exactly was behind the scheme, but he did mention leading government scientist Anthony Fauci and vaccine promoter and former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates, as well as, of course, Johns Hopkins University.)

The conspiracy theory echoes “Plandemic”And so on violation of all COVID-19 conspiracy theories went viral on major social media platforms during the pandemic. As of now, Jones ’conspiracy theory primarily incorporates insights into the platform itself, but the risk remains that it will make the leap to multiple social media platforms.

Jones ’conspiracy theory will land at a specific dangerous time, as mass vaccinations against COVID-19 continue. Not only was his conspiracy theory wrong to say that the pandemic was a planned event, but he also said that vaccination efforts were a plot to cause many deaths.

In particular, Jones pointed to a section of the Johns Hopkins report that urges public health announcers that there are potential challenges to vaccine skepticism. In a hypothetical hypothesis considered in the report, “a group of parents whose children were mentally retarded as a result of encephalitis” stated that their children’s medical problems were caused by a vaccination with SPARS, because some cows with the subsequent vaccine pretend also suffer. encephalitis (inflammation of the brain) on safety tests. The report does not indicate whether there is any competence in the claims within the assumption; The purpose, however, is to give health care providers so they can figure out what they would do if there was a similar claim made in a mass vaccination situation.

Jones got the details wrong in mentioning that section – it is incorrect to claim that the effect of the scenario was cow disease, which damaged the brain and spinal cord – but more importantly, he said it was real which happens in real life. As he put it during his April 3 broadcast, “I mean, it’s in the document that they say it’s going to happen.… They degrade people with terrible debilitating diseases that prevent them so now the wealth of the whole family will take care of the mother, or the son or the daughter, or the father, so it is a weapon that slowly kills you dry. ”

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