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Jurassic Survival – ZBT # 367

Jurassic Survival – ZBT # 367

Round 1: Short-term safety update. DON’T CLIMB INSIDE DINOSAUR STATUES Spain: Missing human body found ‘inside dinosaur statue,’ police call it accidental death (

Round 2: Belarus loses its mind. They stopped a man because of a bomb on his plane but found that he never had a bomb on his plane. Belarus accused of ‘hijacking’ plane, provokes West anger (

Round 3: Lawmakers are shocked by the condition of the barracks throughout the military. Uhhh… Haven’t you seen it forever? When are conditions good?

Round 4: The Army kills comments on their new recruit video… yes… the one mentioned / cried by the Junior Senator from Texas

Round 5: I sat down with Sebastian Junger about his new book and he told me about the time he was about to die. Unexpected but I managed it with good aplomb.

Round 6: Wake up, bitch. You have a Firewatch.

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