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Family Research Council Takes YouTube Censorship in Discussion of Whether Schools Should Vaccinate Children Without Parental Knowledge or Consent

The Family Research Council reports:

A YouTube tech giant took a video interview from a YouTube channel with talks by Tony Perkins, who serves as president of the Family Research Council and host of Washington Watch, a program that broadcasts almost 800 Christian radio stations as well as Christian TV. YouTube removed the video citing alleged “medical misinformation,” which may have been related to the mention of COVID-19 vaccines.

The aforementioned conversation with Mary Holland, originally aired on July 16. Three days later, on July 19, YouTube was taken down the interview from its platform. The FRC quickly appealed YouTube’s decision that day. The appeal was rejected by the big tech giant the next day, on July 20th.

Reporter Alex Berenson told the Defender: ‘They Censored Not Viewing the Disagreement and That Was Wrong’

Defender reports:

Alex Berenson thinks social media companies have moved away from censoring opposing views.

In a conversation with The Protector, Berenson shared how he was banned from Twitter for 12 hours because he linked to an article with data that challenged the mainstream narrative that COVID vaccines effective.

The former New York Times reporter and writer of 12 novels and two non -fiction books – and now author of the publication Substack “No Report Facts”- said Twitter which suddenly flagged several posts about COVID.

Will COVID Vaccines Command the Military? Know Your Rights.

Pam Long reports:

With the Armed Forces show a SARS-CoV2 vaccine order on Sept. 1, many military families asked about their release rights for an experimental drug.

On July 1, the military reported COVID vaccination rate among 58% to 77% of all branches. That means as many as 25% of U.S. military personnel may apply for exemptions. What are their rights?

More than 450 Airlines Can Now Use IBM’s Blockchain-based Vaccine Passport

Quartz reports:

In April, travelers at London’s Heathrow airport had to wait how long six hours to be cleaned to fly. Bottlenecks are a result of airline agents struggling to understand the difference. COVID-19 presents travelers with health benefits. Imagine small cards, printed documents, and digital apps in a variety of languages ​​and formats. Lack of standardization is a killer.

As for international travel touring parts of the world, Amadeus, a reservation system used by 474 airlines, adopted IBM’s digital health passport solution called IBM Digital Health Pass. Instead of showing paper-based certifications, travelers simply need to scan a QR code sent via email at the gateway. Travelers without a smartphone can print a QR code. The backend technology validates credentials against each country’s requirements-relieving agents from a heavy burden, as countries are constantly updating travel bans while the pandemic progressed.

Biden Says CDC ‘May’ Recommend Children Under 12 Use Masks at School

NBC News reports:

President Joe Biden said Wednesday that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention “probably” will advise children under the age of 12 who are not yet eligible to be vaccinated COVID-19 to wear a mask to school this fall.

Biden told a CNN town hall in Cincinnati that children over 12 who are fully vaccinated will not wear a mask, but he acknowledged it can be difficult for some school districts to know- who is and is not vaccinated.

Largest Hospital Group in Nation Supports Mandatory Coronavirus Vaccines for Health Workers

The Washington Post via MSN reports:

The nation’s largest hospital association called on Wednesday for all health workers to be vaccinated against the coronavirus due to the surge in cases.

“To protect all patients, community and staff from the known and numerous dangers of COVID-19, the American Hospital Association strongly encourages vaccination of all healthcare staff, ”according to the organization in a policy statement. “The AHA also supports hospitals and health systems that adopt mandatory COVID-19 immunization policies for healthcare staff, with local factors and circumstances shaping how and how these policies are implemented. . “

Talk: ‘Facebook Can’t Catch Me. That’s Why Pegasus Is More Dangerous Than Big Tech ‘ reported:

Over the past few years, there has been a steady influx of major news stories related to government surveillance or privacy issues regarding Big Tech, from Edward snowden leaks in Cambridge Analytica scandal. For some, the latest Pegasus Project the reports are not surprising or shocking in part in their revelations of how governments used spyware created by an Israeli company to target journalists, activists and political rivals around the world, including the India.

Yet these stories are not the same. The manner in which Pegasus is likely to be deployed in India, which includes Opposition leaders, Election Commission officials and journalists in the run -up to the 2019 election, threatens the pillars of electoral democracy in India.

Rolovich Will Not Attend Pac-12 Cause Due to Vaccine Mandate

The Associated Press reports:

Washington State football coach Nick Rolovich said he will not join the site next week on media day of the Pac-12 in Los Angeles after being selected not to receive COVID-19 VACCINE

“As did the Pac-12 Conference needed that all the personal participants of the Pac-12 day in the football media were completely vaccinated that I would join away and look forward to talking about our football team and the incredible young men in our program,. “I chose not to receive a COVID -19 vaccine for reasons to remain private. While I have decided, I respect that every individual – including our coaches, staff and student athletes – can make their own decision regarding the COVID-19 vaccine. “

Eric Clapton Refuses to Play in Places That Need Vaccines for Concertgoers

The BBC reports:

British rock icon Eric Clapton has said he will not perform at venues like that NEEDS concert organizers to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson says proof of vaccination should be displayed at clubs and venues from September. Clapton said he would not perform anywhere there was a “select audience available”. His announcement was awaited on social media accounts about a sharp anti-vaccine activist.

The guitarist said he felt “honored to be entrusted” to make the statement, which was posted on Wednesday in accounts by Italian architect and film producer Robin Monotti. In May, Clapton said he experienced a “severe” reaction to the AstraZeneca vaccine.

France Order Vaccine Passport to Visit Eiffel Tower, Other Tourist Sites – and Restaurants Next

Forbes reports:

Soon there was the The Eiffel Tower is also open to the public rather than a new venture that has been created where tourists have to jump in if they want to visit the landmark Parisian landmark. In a new initiative to combat what the French government has called a “stratospheric” rise in delta variant infections, individuals will have to download and use digital COVID pass to access French museums, cinemas, sports theaters, festivals, major tourist attractions and much more.

A government mandate to apply the le pass sanitaire, or “health pass,” which took effect yesterday on cultural and tourist sites across France, as well as all events or venues with more than 50 people. Visitors who take refuge in the Eiffel Tower without proof of vaccination are offered on-the-spot COVID tests.

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