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In the latest episode of “Rising” on The Hill, journalist and political commentator Kim Iversen said if Dr. Anthony Fauci lied to Congress about funding research at the National Institutes of Health, that’s a criminal offense.

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on latest episode on The Hill’s “Rising,” journalist and political commentator Kim Iversen watched Anthony Fauci and Dr track record of lying, moving goalposts and giving the public mixed messages.

“Why hasn’t Fauci been fired yet?” he asked.

Iversen recalled when Fauci sat down in front of Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) And “strongly resisted”The idea that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) funded any gain-of-function research in Wuhan, China.

“Actually,” Iversen said, “Fauci insisted that the only person who lied during the heated exchange was Senator Rand Paul himself.”

Iversen says:

“But now it’s out of a writing NIH Principal Deputy Director Lawerence Sword wrote that the NIH is actually funding gain-of-function research through a GIVING given it to EcoHealth Alliance.

“The question is no longer whether or not the NIH funded the research development, because they did. The question now is whether Dr. Fauci knew about it when he sat before Congress which is clearly stated that they did not fund such research.

Iversen reminded the audience that lying to Congress is legally a crime, known as perjury.

“Perjury is a serious criminal offense that can land a person in jail,” Iversen said, “just like recently for Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen, and can even lead to impeachment. of an sitting president, as in the case of Bill Clinton. ”

“Legal speaking,” Iversen said, these lies are different from Fauci’s lies previously told in front of news cameras.

Iversen emphasized a “noble lieFauci said in front of the news cameras:

“Initially, Fauci admitted that the people who had to wear a mask were the health care workers who knew COVID patients, and afterwards, after urging local, state, and federal leaders to adopt all-encompassing public mask mandates, he admitted that he did not repeat his earlier statement on the mask but lied. he to save the meager number of masks for frontline healthcare workers. . ”

Iversen said Fauci also lied when he claimed that science pointed out that it takes 60% to 70% population resistance to reach. host of resistance.

“That number has slowly started to increase over time … It has finally reached 90%, and now it looks like it’s almost 99%,” he said.

Fauci admits his target for herd immunity is working, not because science is changing, but because the public’s perception of vaccination is changing.

Iversen quoted a New York Times article which Fauci admitted when he saw national surveys showing higher public acceptance of vaccines he thought to himself, “I can do it [target for herd immunity] a little taller. ”

Iversen also accused Fauci of “flip-flopping or moving goalposts” on almost every topic related to COVID vaccines and vaccinations.

He said:

“Because of who needs a vaccine, how many people we need to vaccinate, what can or can’t be done while being vaccinated, whether or not you can spread the virus while being vaccinated, whether or not you can get sick while being vaccinated , and a few shots of the vaccine we need – it’s a total mixed bag of messages.

“The only thing consistent about Fauci is his decline in approval ratings. His national approval rating currently sits at 41% and my guess is that after the latest news about in research obtained function and even the puppies, his approval will grow. ”

Iversen said the people who have been behind Fauci all the time must have called for his release, or called on President Biden to remove him, for the simple fact that “in order for us to get through this pandemic, we must we have everyone on board with consistent action – and Fauci is clearly not the man to do that.

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