Who the WHO Epidemiologist Says “Troubled” To See Fans Enjoying Euros Last Unmasked – Real Pundit

A leading epidemiologist at the World Health Organization said it was “horrible” to see the crowds at Wembley celebrating the last European Championships without wearing a face mask.

Nearly 66,000 fans gathered inside the stadium to watch Italy beat England on penalties on Sunday night.

Maria Van Kerkhove expressed her outrage that the parties enjoyed the union without a mask, even when it was outside and inside the existing COVID-19 laws for masks that were not necessary.

“Am I happy to see the transmission happening right in front of my eyes?” Van Kerkhove tweeted.

“The Covid-19 bloodline didn’t rest tonight… SARSCoV2 DeltaVariant will take advantage of unmoved people, in many places, without masks, shouting / shouting / singing. Destructive,” he added. – READ MORE

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