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In a decision that chose the WHO decision back in early 2020 to rename the novel coronavirus “COVID-19”, the agency decided to rename the most famous mutant strain in coronavirus to letters from the Greek alphabet.

The use of letters such as Alpha, Beta and Gamma (instead of B.1.1.7, B.1.351 and P.1) referring to the variables would make it “easier and more practical” to discuss them with non- scientific audience, the WHO said in a statement. The types of COVID that are believed to be most contagious are considered “of interest” and “of concern” by the WHO.

“While they have advantages, these scientific names can be difficult to pronounce and remember, and easy to misreport,” according to the WHO statement.

Of course, the names also prevent the press from referring to mutant strains as the “Brazilian” variety, or the “South African” variety: in short, countries want to avoid associating with the COVID variety. mutants, such as pushing China. for WHO to mark the virus as “COVID-19” to avoid the press etc. to call it “China virus”. As analysts from Rabobank pointed out, the new system removes the “stigma” attached to the previous names.

“Meanwhile, the official U.S. intelligence search for the‘ Alpha ’of Covid-19 continues, and the‘ Omega ’knock at the conclusion is far from clear,” Rabo analysts added.

The choice of the Greek Alphabet came after months of analysis in which other possibilities such as Greek Gods and invented, pseudo-classical names were considered by experts, according to bacteriologist Mark Pallen who was involved in the talks. READ MORE

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