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Far from a war against “white supremacy,” the Biden administration’s new “domestic terror” strategy has clearly targeted primarily opponents of the U.S. government’s arrival and opponents of capitalism and / or globalization.

In the latest sign that the U.S. War on Domestic Terror is growing in scope and scale, the White House on Tuesday unveiled the nation’s first national anthem. government -wide strategy for tackling domestic terrorism. While wearing the rhetoric about resisting race-induced violence, the strategy puts what is considered “anti-government” or “anti-authority” in the same way as racist extremists and designs policies that are easily abused. to silence or even criminalize online government criticism

Even more disturbing is the call to separate all intelligence agencies, law enforcement, Silicon Valley, and “community” and “faith-based” organizations such as the Anti-Defamation League, as well as unspecified foreign government, as a partner in the “war,” Where the strategy is clear to rely heavily on a pre-crime orientation focused on what is said on social media and encrypted platforms. Even if the strategy claims that the government “protects free speech and civil liberties” in enforcing this policy, its contents reveal that it is ready to destroy both.

In fact, while framed by the public as the main target of “white supremacist right,” the strategy itself is clear that the government has no plans to focus on the Right rather than pursue the “Domestic terrorist” in a “neologically neutral, threatened with threat. method, ”as the law states that“ there is no preference based on political point of view – left, right or center. It also states that an important purpose of its strategic framework is to ensure that there is no government sanction … violence as an acceptable means of seeking political or social change, ”regardless of the involvement of a political maker.

Considering that the main cheerleaders for the War on Domestic Terror existed primarily in building left circles, such individuals should also consider their support for this new policy given that the the above statements will soon come to include protests related to Black Lives Matter, such as those that happened last summer, depending on which political party is in power.

Once the new infrastructure is completed, it will remain there and open to the same abuses committed by both U.S. political parties during the long War on Terror following September 11, 2001. The history of new “domestic terror” policy, including its origins in the Trump administration, it is clarified.

In introducing the strategy, the Biden administration cited “racial or ethnic mobilization of violent extremists” as a key factor for the new policy and a key rationale for the War on Domestic Terror in general. an. This was most recently shown Tuesday at Attorney General Merrick Garland’s statement announcing this new approach. However, the document itself places “anti-government” or “anti-authority” “extremists” in the same category as violent supremacists on the white side of a threat to the homeland. Describing the strategy of such individuals is not pleasant. READ MORE

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