Vaccine Passports can be ‘Redone’ as National ID Cards in the UK – Real Pundit

The United Kingdom could follow the lead of the European Union and Communist China in enforcing a digital ID from a “redepaced” vaccine passport, a company that develops a health pass for the government said.

Civil rights advocates warn that “mission related” could result in the use of the UK vaccine as a pseudo national ID card after an American company was contracted by the British government to produce a ” Covid Certification ”pass suggested that health passes could be part of the“ new normal ”.

The trust, which designs itself as a “global leader in identities, payments, and data protection”, awarded £ 250,000 to the UK in May to develop cloud software for the state -run Covid certification program of the NHSX – the digital arm of the nation’s national healthcare system.

On a February blog post, the director of product sales for the company, Jenn Markey said “vaccine credentials could be part of the infrastructure of the new normal”.

“With the infrastructure and investment necessary to secure a viable vaccine passport, why not turn this effort into a national citizenship program that can be used for many purposes, including the safe delivery of government services, ensuring cross-border travel, and documentation vaccinations, ”he suggested.

Civil liberties campaign group Big Brother Watch warns that statements from Entrust – which previously developed digital identification systems for Ghana, Albania, and Malaysia – represent “mission relevance” contained in the papers. of health pushed from the government. READ MORE

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