US Seeks UK Extradition Court “Assured” Julian Assange Will Not Face Cruel Detention

That the U.S. government could easily see the extradition demands met in the case of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange raised suspicion among many last year as part of the U.S. must prove under UK law that he or she will not face harsh or painful imprisonment.

If extradited Assange faces life in prison on espionage charges, it is likely the Colorado supermax where inmates spend 23 to 24 hours a day alone inside a small cell; however, this week the US government tried to give “assurances” to the UK court that he “Unstoppable under the strictest maximum-security conditions when extradited to the U.S.,” according to the new Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday.

On this basis Assange is likely to face brutal detention if transferred to U.S. soil, a UK court previously barred his extradition in January, but on Wednesday the UK decided in favor of a U.S. appeal.

During the January sentencing the judge argued he could be at risk of suicide based on his precarious psychological condition – which has spent most of the last decade of his life ending – first inside the Ecuadoran embassy in London while on the run, and from his arrest from the embassy inside the high security prison at Belmarsh.

As part of a “package of assurances” the U.S. also said it would allow Assange choose to serve any time in prison in his native Australia if convicted:

“The US has given the UK a package commitment to Mr. Assange will not be maintained by ADX, a maximum-security federal penitentiary in Colorado, or be subjected to additional security measures, a Crown Prosecuting Service spokesman said in an email, possibly removing the main bar on his extradition, ” WSJ continued.

All this shows but a tactic to get him in U.S. custody. A “commitment” is the same… really nothing more than a “but trust me” and a wink, given that once legal in U.S. detention all bets are off – a prior “assurance” of a foreign state has nothing legally related to his or her fate at that point.

As WikiLeaks itself has shown, the U.S. legal team is as much desperate, so these latest vain “promises” to survive extradition proceedings.

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