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An accused protester at the U.S. Capitol spoke with an undercover police officer in Washington on Jan. 6 who later connected the man to an undercover FBI workers, according to a new court filing.

Fi Duong faces charges of allegedly entering the Capitol at a joint session of Congress in January, for disrupting the session, and for obstructing the session. He faces decades in prison.

In an affidavit accompanying the criminal complaint, FBI special agent Jason Jankovitz said Duong and an accomplice introduced an undercover officer to the Metropolitan Police Department on Jan. 6. Duong is said to have described the himself as an “operator” and was asked if the officer was a “patriot,” to which the employee responded with affirmation.

Officials later determined that Duong was inside the Capitol a few hours later.

A week later, an undercover Washington officer attached Duong to an undercover FBI employee. The FBI worker learned that Duong belonged to an unnamed group composed of “inclined associates” and “like-minded people,” which Duong allegedly compared to a well-known group in militia located in northern Virginia.

Duong said, agreeing with the court filing, that the mission is to “build resistances and what not, in terms of planning for what will inevitably come as a severe, Worst situation for any people who are, freedom-loving, free-thinking, pro 2A class of people. ”- READ MORE

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