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With the Tokyo Olympics set to begin on Friday, negative headlines continue to accumulate. Thanks to spectator bans and the ongoing State of Emergency in Japan’s capital city, public opinion in Japan has definitely decided against the Games, that most of the Japanese rooting for the Olympics could simply be canceled.

Twelve staff and athletes have already tested positive. Outside of the COVID headlines, a Ugandan weight lifter is missing. Now, Reuters reports that the isolation bubble system put in place to house athletes in the Olympic Village has been compromised.

This is explained Promoters promise “zero risk” of athletes infecting Tokyo residents already made moot. Kenji Shibuya, former director of the Institute for Population Health at King’s College London, said such declarations had caused confusion and outrage among the people because the real conditions on the ground were “quite the opposite.”

“Obviously the bubble system is a kind of breakdown,” said Shibuya, who in April co -authored a commentary in the British Medical Journal that said the Olympics should be “considered too” because of the inability to Japan with chronic cases of coronavirus.


“What worries me the most is, of course, there are clusters of infections in the village or some in housing and talking to local people.”

However, since the start of July, there have been at least 71 cases seen of athletes preparing to compete in the Games. Videos showing conversations between athletes have added to concerns that the delta’s most contagious variety will spread through the Olympic Village like wildfires that are now burning across areas of Oregon.- READ MORE

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