The NFL says COVID explosions among undefeated players could result in loss of games, loss of salary under the new policy

the NFL It continues to go down hard on unspecified players as a new memo released on Thursday says teams could have the potential to lose a game due to a COVID-19 clash between the no player has been verified yet.

Commissioner Roger Goodell said in the memo, obtained by The Associated Press, that the league does not intend to add another week to accommodate games that can no longer be scheduled as well due to an outbreak.

“As we learned last year, we can play an entire season if we maintain a strong commitment to following our health and safety protocols and making the necessary repairs. in response to changing conditions, “he said.

“If a game cannot be rescheduled and canceled due to a COVID outbreak among non-playing players on one of the competing teams, the team with the outbreak will disappear and be considered to have played 16 games for draft purposes, waiver priority, etc. ”

Aside from the loss, if a game cannot be played on the 18-week schedule, players on both teams will not be paid for the game. – READ MORE

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