The New York Times revealed Biden’s plan to raise taxes on Americans with little and no income to pay for the huge $ 6 trillion budget, violating his repeated promises

President Joe Biden has repeatedly promised not to raise taxes on people earning less than $ 400,000. This is a main meal in his leadership campaign, and he went on to say it after being sworn in.

Most conservatives and honest observers didn’t believe him before. They see his agenda, understand that the price tag is huge, and know that higher taxes for everyone are inevitable.

The New York Times Revelation this week that skeptics were right to give his “no tax” oath to the side after it obtained documents from the Biden administration showing the president’s actual tax and spending plans.

Less than two months into his first term, the president’s team has already begun to change the terms of Biden’s promise. No longer is his promise not to raise the tax available to individuals who make less than $ 400,000 – instead, the threshold applies to families, CNBC reported.

Now, as the White House prepares to officially present the new budget, it appears that Biden’s promise will take a turn for the worse.

The Times reported Thursday that the president’s big new budget, which he will unveil on Friday, “will bring the United States to the highest level of federal spending since World War II.”

Biden’s budget, which begins with a $ 6 trillion spending plan for this year, will raise total annual spending to $ 8.2 trillion by 2031. – READ MORE

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