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Is there a smart home thermostat? It’s better to keep an eye on it – especially if you live in Texas.

Because some Lone Star state residents claim that a person raising the temperature of their homes, far, at the same time the state suffered a lack of energy.

And while the Texas Electric Reliable Council is asking Texans to raise the temperature in their homes to help the shortage, some residents claim it’s over. with they.

Deer Park resident Brandon English told KHOU: “(My wife) it crank it out at 2:30. It’s a long time to cool this house when it’s too hot. They’ve been asleep for so long that the house has already gotten 78 degrees. So they wake up sweating.”

His wife received an alert on her phone shortly after saying that their thermostat had changed remotely due to an “energy saving event”.

“My daughter is at the point of overheating? She’s 3 months old. They dehydrate you quickly,” according to English. And according to KHOU, the English house isn’t the only place where such ” okay ” – READ MORE

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