Texas counties will send COVID -19 cash aid to help border security and wall construction – True Pundit

Provinces southeast of Texas allocates funds to assist COVID for border security assistance while the Border Patrol continues to look at a record number of illegal crossings.

Galveston County Judge Mark Henry signed a three -page disaster declaration Tuesday, ordering more than $ 6 million for the construction of the border wall, the local news outlet first reported. ABC 13.

The directive will use funds issued by the county through the American Rescue Plan, a $ 1.9 trillion initiative signed by President Biden to help with the long -term effects of the coremavirus pandemic.

The declaration also directs local law enforcement to send representatives to assist border security officials.

“We’re seeing an increase in violent and organized crime,” Henry agreed with the Texas -based outlet. “We had a federal task force here a few weeks ago serving warrants. We’ve seen an increased flow of drugs. We have drugs washed up on the coast of Galveston County.”

The Galveston county judge did not provide information linking the increase in illegal arrivals of migrants to the increase in violent crime.

“It’s a crisis that’s affecting the whole of Texas,” Henry said. “That’s not just Galveston County. My main focus is Galveston County, but I call every other town, and county in the state of Texas. You can all feel the effects of it. ”- READ MORE

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