State Convinced People At Risk To Them Not To Watch It, Now Many Believe Tracking Technology “For Our Own Good”

Another consequence of 2020 is growth public surveillance (aka Big Brother state) hides under the umbrella of COVID. If you can convince a population at risk that they are not being observed, you are making the assumption that public surveillance is for the benefit of all.

I work within the security industry.

A much newer one piece of technology that we can now install is the AI ​​fever monitoring camera. Many buildings across the US now have a camera with thermal capabilities to monitor your every move as you walk.

If you are considered someone with a temperature outside the preset limits, the system will use face recognition to lock you in. As you travel throughout the facility, the management / administration staff is notified.

How different it is to give a polygraph to each person without their knowledge or consent?

Does this information need to be known to most of the world?

Do you have to tell every business owner from here on all of your recent health history to get into the building? In the future, do I have to disclose every treatment I receive? Do I also need to report my sexual history, what foods I ate, and other private information before being allowed to enter?

Consider the invasions of privacy that come from the use of thermal technology. The front desk staff now knows who has an armpit sweat problem, how hot your crotch is, and to whom the sweat is.

Does it include all HIPPA requirements?

What happens when it is discovered that the heart rate is associated with an infectious disease? Will we then include heart rate monitors throughout the facility? I hope you don’t feel nervous about telling the person you find beautiful. What if an employee doesn’t want you to work with cameras? Isn’t that a violation of privacy?

What if it was discovered that abnormal sweat patterns were associated with an infectious disease? In this case, let’s say it’s a sweat dress. The thermal cameras monitoring the backsides of everyone in such an event?

Do you see how it can easily become a daunting experience? – READ MORE

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