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Modern transportation has experienced significant upgrades thanks to innovative technologies. A startup space airline company promises hypersonic flights around the world and travel times anywhere in about an hour.

Venus Aerospace Creating a passenger plane that will transform the world’s transportation sector with hypersonic flight. The company collected $ 3 million in a March funding round. It plans to build a Mach 12 hypersonic aircraft designed to travel across the edge of space, allowing passengers to travel from Los Angeles to Tokyo in an hour.

Traveling an airplane in space is kind of like traveling in a regular airplane, unless the pilot launches rocket boosters in mid-flight that move it to the edge of space. The plane will then fly back into the atmosphere and fly to any usual airstrip.

Two Virgin Orbit staff started Venus: Sarah Duggleby, a launch engineer, and her husband, Andrew, who oversaw launch, payload, and propulsion operations.

“Every few decades people test it,” Andrew Duggleby said Bloomberg, as of today, the dream of the world’s fastest travel can be achieved thanks to new rocket engines and hypersonic technologies. “This time, it will work.”

Dugglebys said their space plan has more efficient engines, wings, landing gear, and jet engines that allow it to fly like a commercial airliner. – READ MORE

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