Russell Brand Lampoons Tax -Avoiding ‘Space Cowboys’ and the System That Created Them • Protecting Children’s Health

Russell Brand criticized the media for pushing the myth that we need heroic billionaires to go into space and give us a future. He also called the system bypassing the uber-rich dodge tax by lobbying for tax law loopholes.

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There’s a possibility you won’t go in space – but you’re paying for other people to go, according to Russell Brand.

In a new video, Brand blamed the mainstream media for the attractive billionaires whose efforts had a negative impact on ordinary people.

Space private finance programs of billionaires such as Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson made possible, at least in part, according to Brand, by corporate tax avoidance and government lobbying.

Branson, whose Galactic Virgin is selling tickets in the space of $ 250,000 each, lobbied last year for a $ 500 million government COVID bail for his company, Virgin Atlantic. And in 2018, Branson’s healthcare company, Virgin Care, made $ 8 million but free corporate tax in the UK.

Musk is set to charges of $ 55 million for a space ticket, while Bezos goes charges of $ 28 million and sit next to the “lucky” passenger.

Brand said:

“The commercial space business is thriving. All that is needed is for the companies involved not to have to pay any corporate taxes; for governments to make policies that attack them and for space programs that are was once a cause of national pride to be abandoned and lost. ”

Brand said corporations control government policy through lobbying.

“No more lobbying,” Brand said. “People who work in healthcare don’t profit from it.”

Think about how things would change if drug companies didn’t make a profit, Brand said.

Watch the video:

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