Rochester, NY surpasses Chicago in homicide rate as local officials accept police intervention – True Pundit

As the data show the homicide rate per person in Rochester, north New York, exceeded at least Chicago, one of America’s most notorious violent cities, local officials there embraced police intervention with federal help to combat gun violence.

Speaking with federal officials last week, Chief Inspector Cynthia Herriott-Sullivan announced the Rochester Interim Police Chief that a federal task force will work over the next 60 days to curb gun violence in New York City. , ang Democrat and Cronica reports

“Do you all agree that if the police were the answer, we wouldn’t have this issue right now?” Herriott-Sullivan told activists at the news conference, before claiming data gathered by the Monroe County Attorney’s Office determined that some suspects were released quickly, want reports

There have been 37 homicide victims in Rochester so far this year through July 12, according to public data posted by the Rochester Police Department. Since the latest FBI data available from 2019 shows that the Rochester Police Department serves a population of 205,769 people, this means that so far this year Rochester has had 18.0 homicide victims per 100,000. residents – a lot taller than Chicago. – READ MORE

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