Prosecutors Seek to Capture $ 15 Million Fly Fishing Lodge In “Most U.S. Tax Evasion Cases Ever” – True Pundit

Billionaire Robert Brockman was indicted last year in “the most common U.S. tax evasion case against an individual”. Now, prosecutors are seeking to seize his assets, including a $ 15 million fishing lodge in Colorado and $ 77.9 million in a Swiss bank account, according to Bloomberg.

The 80 -year -old Brockman is accused of unreporting $ 2 billion in revenue and using a foreign company to buy a second loan at his own software firm at a deep discount. The government says properties tied to debt fraud could be lost, along with the fishing lodge on the Frying Pan River. This is the first attempt by the government to take his assets since he was indicted in October.

The 143 acres were used by Brockman as he “spent parts of his summers fishing for rainbow and brown trout”. He built the property to avoid the 30 -minute drive from Aspen to the Frying Pan River.

“If you’re a fisherman, it’s just a beautiful place to live,” said John Gierach, author of Bloomberg’s “Sex, Death, and Fishing,” calling the area “one of the most very trout streams. “

Now, the burden is on the government to show the land as a “product of colored funds”, Bloomberg reports. Internal Revenue Service special agent Ted Lair told a court filing that Brockman laundered the prohibited income through funds managed by Vista Equity Partners. – READ MORE

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