Portland Antifa Police Reassure Man Shot By White Police To Avoid Riot – True Pundit

Portland Police moved to convince Antifa’s extremists that a man they shot in the back was white to avoid a riot after it was mistakenly reported that the victim was black.

After a man allegedly armed with a screwdriver was shot by police outside a motel in Northeast Portland, Authorities acted quickly to announce that the suspect was not African.

“There was misinformation spread on social media regarding the officer involved in the shooting in the Lloyd district. We can confirm that the subject involved was an adult white male. No one else was injured,” he said. Portland Police tweeted.

As Andy Ngo pointed out, the tweet was posted to avoid confrontation with the Antifa mob, who had already gathered at the location after circling that the man shot by the police was black.

“No need to worry about people, we killed a white man!” comedy Chris Menahan – READ MORE

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