Penn. Legislature Passes Passport Vaccine Vaccine, Government Wolf Plans Veto + More • Protecting Children’s Health

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Pennsylvania Legislature passes Vaccine Passport, Secretary of Health Limitation; Wolf Plans Veto by Gov.

The Pittsburgh Post Gazette reports:

Quoted violation of government and entering into citizen privacy, the Republican -controlled General Assembly on Thursday passed a ban on many uses of “vaccine passport”And stop the health competency secretary from issuing masking, social isolation and travel orders to people who are not sick.

The Senate’s final approval by a party line vote of 29-21 included an independent senator this year along with 28 Republicans, and all Democrats voting “no. “

The bill has already been approved by a unanimous vote of the party line in the House. It will go to the table of Democratic Governor Tom Wolf, who plans to veto it.

Ohio House Passes Controversial Vaccine Requirements Prohibition Law

WOSU Public Media reports:

The Ohio House on Thursday approved a controversial bill banning employers from making employees vaccinated. Even if the bill is tweaked to satisfy critics.

Earlier this week, the bill would have avoided businesses and schools NEEDS employees or students to obtain vaccines withheld by the committee. Today, the House passed a similar step by passing an amendment to the law that was approved by the Senate.

College Rile GOP States Vaccine Order

Politico reports:

Conservative state lawmakers are working to prevent public and private universities from asking students to return with proof. COVID vaccinating or getting the vaccine itself, in a push that could complicate President Joe Biden’s effort to shoot young adults.

Executive orders or laws in states such as Arizona and Florida that prohibit universities from ruling shown to students proof of vaccination condition and come as more submissive Delta different in coronavirus increased. Americans who attend college have the lowest vaccination rates and are less likely to plan to get shot, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

San Francisco Leaders Receive Backlash After Vaccine Mandate

KRON Channel 4 San Francisco reports:

San Francisco leaders have received reaction to the latest vaccine mandate for city staff.

A group representing Black city employees called the mandate harsh and insensitive.

They are known as the Black Employee Alliance and Coalition Against Anti-Blackness and they represent more than 400 Black employees in the city.

They say their members don’t have to choose between a vaccine and their job, especially considering historical medical treatment of African Americans.

Google Delays The Non -Tracking Technology Phase for Nearly 2 Years

AP News reported:

Google will delay nearly two years the phase away from Chrome’s web browser technology tracking users for ad purposes, saying it would take several hours to develop a replacement system.

the tech giant on Thursday moved its deadline to delete so-called third-party cookies until late 2023 rather than January 2022 as originally planned.

Amazon and Google Investigated for Failure to Remove Fake Product Reviews

CNN Business reported:

British regulators investigated whether Amazon and Google violated consumer protection law by not doing enough to protect shoppers from fake product reviews.

The review is the most recent of a poison in investigations rally against technology giants around the world, as officials review and policy claims anti-competitive behavior. Investigations may result heavy fine and increasing pressure on companies including Facebook (FB) and Apple (AAPL) to change the way they do business.

Russia Ordered Vaccines for Some Cases of Virus Invasion

AP News reported:

They try out grocery giveaways and lotteries for new cars and apartments. But an ambitious plan vaccination 30 million Russians in mid -June fell by a third.

So now, many regional governments across the country are requiring some workers to get vaccinated and ask for admission to enter certain businesses, such as restaurants.

Israel Ready to Restore Mask Mandate as a Delta Variant Brings New COVID Surge

Forbes reports:

Israel is set to reinstate an internal order in a bid that will include explosions in COVID-19, the latest shortage for one of the most vaccinated countries in the world due to the infectious variety in the Delta that has led to a surge in cases in children and vaccinated people.

The mandate will be reinstated if the average daily COVID-19 cases a week exceeds 100, the Israeli health ministry said on Thursday, a mouthpiece by public health director Dr. Sharon Alroy-Preis believes that met Sunday.

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