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Zero Covid, the idea that heavy government regulations and population control could permanently remove a coronavirus from a country, has now failed everywhere wherever it has been tried.

You may not read about it in corporate field press agencies, but Zero Covid countries have seen explosions of Covid-19 cases across the board. The widely hailed “success story” of countries that follow the radical ideology that Zero Covid not only failed to infect a virus, but have now witnessed the unstoppable spread of that virus in their centers. population. Governments committed to this pseudos scientific, totalitarian venture are struggling for options, and responding by closing their countries and further violating the rights of their citizens. The lid was flown on the Zero Covid pressure cooker, revealing the shortcomings of such an unquestioning ideological purpose.

Let’s take a look at how “Zero Covid” countries continue:


It is safe to say that Australia is the most dedicated large country to a Zero Covid strategy. The country is done shut from much of the world since the inception of COVID Mania. Even many Australian citizens are unable to enter or leave the country.

There are so many lockdowns being chased in Australia that it’s really impossible to keep track of what number we are now. Zero Covid is an unpredictable disaster, as Canberra’s elimination strategy has not surprisingly failed to permanently move cases to zero. – READ MORE

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