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An Ohio judge has a new requirement for defendants seeking trial. mandatory COVD-19 vaccination.

Judge Richard Frye of Franklin County said last week that he included the jab as a condition of dismissal in three cases, after the defendants were sentenced to their indefinite procrastination status – contrary to any opposition to philosophy, medical or religious.

“I think any of these people should be encouraged not to procrastinate,” Frye said of Shipping to Columbus, added “I think it’s a reasonable condition when we tell people to work and get out of the community.. ”

He declined to “speculate” what would happen if an accused raised a medical, religious or philosophical vaccination release, but said it was a different situation for everyone than people who just explained the issue.

An example: a man named Cameron Stringer entered a guilty plea for a charge of improper handling of weapons in a motor vehicle, for which he was sentenced to two year probation (“community control,” as it is known in Ohio).

The stringer must be submitted to random drug screening; avoid further legal trouble; return a firearm in question to its appropriate owner; and get a COVID-19 vaccine within 30 days and provide proof to the Probation Department, court documents are shown. -Columbus Dispatch

It is not known if other judges imposed similar vaccination requirements, although a spokesman for the state’s Supreme Court pointed to Submitting in a news story about a judge offering to shorten the trial for vaccine recipients. – READ MORE

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