NSA Leaks Tucker Carlson Emails to Reporters, Fox Host Claims

Last week, Fox News Host Tucker Carlson told a bombshell broadcast that an NSA whistleblower approached him with evidence that the National Security Agency spying on his communications, with the intention of getting his emails to the press and ‘show it on the air.’

Now, Carlson said Fox Business’ Maria Bartiromo that the emails were actually released by reporters – at least one of those contacted him for what we believe to be a future article on their content.

“I was in Washington for a funeral last week and met someone I knew very well, who said thatI have a message for you, ‘and then proceeded to retrieve my details from the emails and texts I had sent, and I was no longer told by others. So it was proven. And the guy said ‘the NSA has it,’ and that was confirmed by the guy who read back the email contents, ‘and they’re going to use it against you.’

To speak to you, it’s something I can’t say in public if it’s wrong, or illegal, or immoral. They don’t even have me anything, but I do have emails. So I knew they were spying on me, and again, completely without saying anything to you-as a defensive move, I thought I’d better say it out loud. ‘”

“Then, yesterday, I found out that – and it will come out soon – that the NSA published the contents of my email to reporters in an attempt to harm me. I know, because I had a call from one of them said ‘this is part of your email.’

So, not in any way a fulfillment of my imagination. This is confirmed to be True. They are not allowed to spy on American citizens – they are. I think even worse, they use the information they have gathered to exploit and to threaten opposition journalists, people who criticize the Biden administration. It happened to me today… ”

This is the case with banana republics and third world countries, ”Bartiromo replied.


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