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Buffalo Bills wide receiver Cole Beasley is grumbling against the NFL’s new and very strict COVID-19 protocols for training camp and the preeason. Beasley expressed his willingness to walk away from the NFL, “My values ​​are more important to me than the dollars.”

The NFL and NFL Players Association have agreed new COVID-19 protocols, which is more critical of underweight players than those who are fully vaccinated. Non-players will face daily COVID-19 tests, must wear a mask at the team facility and while traveling, and are prohibited from leaving the hotel to eat at a restaurant. . Initial violations of NFL COVID-19 protocols may result in a $ 50,000 fine.

Others NFL players have expressed their anger with new bans as well as the NFLPA. One of the sharper players against strict rules is Beasley, who on Thursday called the bans “crazy” and said the NFLPA was a “joke.”

There was a swift reaction to Beasley’s opinions about the NFL’s COVID-19 laws, in which he responded to his critics with a stronger stance against the new bans.

Beasley began his captioned response by declaring, “Hello, I’m Cole Beasley, and I haven’t been vaccinated!”

“I’m going to go out doing what I’m doing. I’m going to go out in public. If (you’re) scared of me, be clear, or be vaccinated. Point Blank. Period,” he tweeted on Friday. “I might die in COVID, but I’d rather die alive.” – READ MORE

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