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There is more than enough going on in the country today to keep the press busy. From the COVID-19 lab leak to the influx of immigrants crossing the border, Joe Biden scrutinizes every problem he puts in his hands. And with more than enough ammunition, the press shouldn’t have to issue about questioning the President. The only problem is, instead of slaughtering him like they did with President Donald Trump, the media appears to be more than good at asking Biden about his favorite ice cream!

On a trip to Ohio, Joe Biden stopped by a local store called Honey Hut Ice Cream in Cleveland. While it’s not uncommon for Biden to have the same sweet tooth, the press will inevitably take the time to ask the President some difficult questions. A courageous reporter asked, “Mr. President, what do you order? ”

Because of a difficult question, Biden took a minute to answer seeing that he had forgotten the taste of the ice cream he was literally holding. Finally, he replied, “Chocolate chocolate chips.” And just as he fixed COVID-19 as quickly as possible, the media even cheered the President on with his chosen ice cream.

The boundless love and media support for Biden carried on social media as congressional reporter Hugo Lowell tweeted that,

But while the liberal media is aware of Biden and what he eats, many critics are quick to point to the obvious double standard, especially when it comes to the questions the press has thrown at Trump. Reporter Glenn Greenwald tweeted, “Isn’t she * always beautiful? Little did I know that the role of journalists was to ‘enjoy’ the US President, although I have long known that that is how they view their role and how Democrats see it when their party is in the White House. ” – READ MORE

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