Media Flipping 180 ° of UFOs in the Pentagon Directive Says More About Media Than UFOs

After the riot on January 6 at the U.S. Capitol Building, the mass media immediately took the opportunity to call for more internet censorship to curb the spread of crazy conspiracy theories. Now the mass media says the U.S. military has been lying about UFOs for decades and hey, maybe aliens are flying around your house.

Half of the UFO articles that come out in the mass media these days are just continuous disseminators for the western empire explaining to everyone that it is good to talk about UFOs today and they should all feel that perfect and normal about that.

Unscrupulous propagandists have thrown themselves out to dismantle the taboos they have actually studied and enforced for decades, for no apparent reason other than what the U.S. military says.

Can we take a minute to eat how ugly that is? The “free press”, the press institutions that are responsible for maintaining an informed public and holding the power of accounting, are now reporting something they are using to ridicule and dismiss, because the U.S. military tells them it’s legitimate.

The US military. The lone most dangerous part of the single most powerful government in the world, who the press continues to answer in the light of the truth. The part of the U.S. government where the most skepticism is the most important. Not only did they fail to apply critical press, but actively picked up the torch and ran with a story as strange as the possibility that extraterrestrials were lurking around the Earth’s atmosphere.

The fact that the mass media is now talking about UFOs has always been because the U.S. military has told them that it is a legitimate story that very little is said about UFOs, but much has been said about the mass media.

These outlets are propaganda firms. Clear When The New York Timesfirst reported that U.S. officials familiar with the government’s UFO report say UFOs could be foreign planes or could be secret technology in Russia or China, but said that Really not any kind of secret technology in the US, there is not the slightest bit of disbelief from the mass media about the later acquisition. News media institutions were all taken down severe pain to inform their audience that UFOs could be a sign that the U.S. has lost the arms races to Russia and China, and that they could be complete aliens in space, but I’ve never seen a news story that reminds readers that the U.S. government will remove the ban on covert aerial technology with very large grains of salt.

These propaganda institutions are not only selling the public an irresponsible story here, they are selling both. Not only are they falsely reporting that UFOs are actually real and perhaps threatening, they are also quick to sell the false idea that the U.S. war machine doesn’t exist. much better written history of lying.

The more I know about this new UFO account and its origins the more of a freaky psyop it looks like. It was clearly packaged and sold by American leaders who did not understand the dynamics of world power or the ugliness of the US military / intelligence machine. There are often a little man who is officially responsible for this strange new UFO scheme, and they are all military / intelligence agents, useless hot-tempered politicians, or the singer from Blink-182.

I really mean that, by the way; Blink 182’s Tom DeLonge and his To The Stars Academy plays an important role to reveal this story. Think about how easy it is to manipulate that situation. All you have to do is surround DeLonge with some spooks feeding him whatever information you want him to believe, allow some “infiltration” in the press, and then you get this vague view. look at the organic group that sows the information you want to keep coming out anyway so you can advance whatever agendas you have planned.

And if you listen to DeLonge’s speech at length about the crazy things being told about aliens and UFOs by the military and intelligence insiders he surrounded, he was clearly at the center of a sort of disinfo operation. The things that were told to him include things like that aliens are responsible for world wars, that they are filled with conflict and human worthlessness, that nuclear tests are actually military targeting alien planes because that’s how you kill them, and that the U.S. military has heroically displayed the highest interest for the good of the people against these powerless people.

How hard it is to take an uninhabited rock star who from a military family, who relies on the U.S. war machine, and who desperately wants to believe in UFOs, and use him to insert a desired narrative into the public consciousness? I find it less difficult.

This is what the mass media swallows the hook, line and sinker, with zero gag reflex, and comes back to the minds of their audiences.

And now there’s philosopher Sam Harris reporting that he was contacted by insiders who allegedly conveyed special knowledge about this matter telling him that “if these other shoes fall you go to the position that it should be recognized that all the experts are in same page, and with This blanket declaration that we have the presence of alien technology, we don’t know what to do with it. So prepare your brain for that and know what you’re going to do. “

Beautiful things. Now, read it again with the understanding that he is talking about a kind of military operative or intelligent that is apparently preparing a high-profile influencer. That light looks a bit different, no?

Like DeLonge, Harris also showed a separate mental confidence about the U.S. war machine, a kind of humor that comes from a brave atheist who prides himself on his logic and evidence-based worldview. Harris trusts everything from Russia hysteria on the “war on terror” of those invasion of Afghanistan, so he made another ideal mark for unethical information dissemination to the public.

You have to be out of your mind to trust anything we’re told about any of this, and it’s from someone who has actually seen UFOs. On two separate occasions I have seen the lights of the night sky behave in ways that are incomprehensible to known technologies, and I have had many more experiences that are also considered by most people to be unique as well. And me is still the same put proper trust in this new UFO scheme. And neither should you.

Today I received my first comment online from someone calling me a “conspiracy theorist” for expressing skepticism about UFOs. This is the new reality, people. Buckle up.

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