Macroaggressions: # 127: The American Empire returns

The host of the new podcast “A Conspiracy in the Force”, Conspiracy Kyle, stops to explain the strange similarities in how Star Wars movies mimic the politics of life, politics, war, religion, and stories.

The comparisons between the American Empire and the Galactic Empire are clear and numerous, as we see how the Senate in the movies behaves like today’s group of villains in Washington DC

There are many spiritual stories in the story connected to the role of the Jedi in all the movies, because wisdom is given to the 900-year-old shaman, Yoda. We investigate the role of George Lucus ’interest in transcendental meditation as the inspiration for the creation of the Force, and how the ancient Greek story of the“ hero’s journey ”laid the foundation on which the entire Star Wars universe was built. Sponsors:

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