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LONDON-A mask must be worn on London’s transport network even if it is legally obligated to wear it in England on July 19, the town’s mayor said on Wednesday.

Sadiq Khan has asked the capital’s transport watchdog body to enforce the use of masks on subways, buses, and trams as a “carriage condition” – common contracts between passengers and Transport for London.

Khan said he was “not prepared” to put transportation users “at risk” by removing the rules on face masks after away legal bans next Monday despite a major resurgence. of the virus across the UK.

Under the new scheme outlined by Khan, detention officers will not be able to access or evacuate passengers without wearing masks while using subways, buses, and trams The Metropolitan Police of London and the British Transport Police cannot participate, however, because wearing a mask is no longer required by law.

“What would have been very good would have been to apply national laws across the country, not just in London but across the country,” he told the BBC. “That would provide an explanation as to what the rules are.” – READ MORE

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