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Microchips, lumber, gas, steel, base metals, chicken, ketchup, and chlorine are some of the latest shortage due to disruptive supply chains due to the virus pandemic.

A little less than a month from now, Americans will celebrate the Fourth of July with backyard barbecues, drinking Budweiser, and, of course, how can we forget, the launch of Chinese-made fireworks.

Because of food inflation and lack of some products, Americans pay an arm and a leg for things in supermarkets. But what annoys them the most is the lack of fireworks, according to ABC 13, which has spoken to several vendors.

Firework stores across Texas are urging customers to shop now and wait until the last week or even the last day because of delays of container freight from China to West Coast ports.

Vendors say container shipments of artillery shells, such as mortar, from China are in short supply due to port congestion. They warn customers that it will bring a higher price.

“There’s been an increase in the process just because of the doubling since last year,” said Cele Rasmussen, a fireworks vendor.READ MORE

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