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Indian authorities are now asking social media networks to remove references to the “Indian variant” of COVID-19, even if it is from India.

The New Delhi information technology ministry claims that mentions of the Indian mutant strain are misleading and “baseless” because there is no scientific reason to link it to India.

We are aware that a misrepresentation has been spread online implying that a ‘India-specific’ coronavirus has spread across the country. This is REALLY WRONG, ” the letter said.

That claim itself is a real mistake given that B.1.617 excess was first reported in India.

Other countries such as South Africa and the UK (with the so -called ‘Kent strain’) have names attached to mutant variants of the coronavirus.

Despite the folly of India’s demand, some politicians on the left have already agreed to it.

On Friday, First Scottish Minister Nicola Sturgeon said she would not talk about a “different India” and would instead call it “April 02”.

However, at the same press conference, Sturgeon went on to refer to the ‘Kent variant’ – thus completely contradicting himself.- READ MORE

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