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The White House sees YouTube, Facebook as ‘Judge, Jury & Enforcement’ on Vaccine Information

Reuters reported:

The White House has YouTube, not just Facebook, in its list of social media platforms is said to be responsible for an alarming spread of misinformation about COVID vaccines and not enough has been done to stop them, said sources familiar with the administration’s thinking.

The criticism comes just a week after President Joe Biden called Facebook and other social media companies “killers” for failing to slow down the spread of misinformation about vaccines. He had already softened his tone.

Bill Maher Slams Google, Facebook for Censorship Contrary to Government-Proposed COVID Narrative

Defender reports:

Comedian Bill Maher tells a video in “Real Time” these “horrible” social media platforms censor the content of ivermectin, an antiparasitic drug proven effective in treatment COVID.

Maher also criticized social media censor in the interior suggesting SARS-CoV2 escape the virus from the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China.

Maher referred comments of the head of Google’s health division, David Feinberg, who told a Wall Street Journal reporter in June that Google won’t autofill the search for the “coronavirus lab leak” because it doesn’t want to bring in “people in the channels” of information that is not “authoritative.”

CHD ‘Community Corner’ at CHD Today: ‘Navigating University Vaccination Instructions’

Aimee Villella McBride and Stephanie Locricchio report:

This week’s episode of “Community Corner” features an interview with attorney Ray Flores II, a health freelance and civil rights attorney.

College students across the country facing challenging decisions as they arrive on the first day of school in a few short weeks. Almost 500 U.S. universities and colleges now rule the COVID-19 VACCINE

Some universities and colleges accept religious or medical exemptions, but for students who receive exemptions, schools impose penal, discriminatory policies such as weekly testing, social exclusion and mask requirements.

Senators refer to Section 230 to Combat COVID’s Bad Vaccine Information

The Verge reports:

As in coronavirus cases rise before the population is full, democratic senators introduced a new bill on Thursday to eliminate Facebook and other social media platforms section 230 responsibility of protection if they magnify harmful public health misinformation.

The False Health Information Act, introduced by Sens. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) and Ben Ray Luján (D-NM) Thursday, will make a carveout of Section 230 of the Communicity Act of the Act that will open up social media platforms such as Facebook to lawsuits for host some dangerously misleading health information. . The bill directs the secretary of Health and Human Services to issue instructions on what should be classified as “incorrect health information.”

Coronavirus Updates: Some of the Largest School Districts in the United States Restore Masks for Fall

ABC7 NY reports:

mask mandates returned in some states, mostly because of Delta different. The CDC director called it one of the most contagious respiratory diseases scientists have seen.

Some of the largest school districts are now making masks mandatory in the coming school year. Atlanta, Chicago, and Boston are all notified students and staff must wear face masks regardless of the vaccination status.

Instagram Users Concerned a New Sensitivity Screening Censoring Their Work

The Verge reports:

Instagram users around the platform share an important concern today: that the app is new sensitive internal content blocked their posts. In posts in both the feed and in Stories, account owners warn their followers that the setting is limiting their reach and that their followers should disable the filter to ensure their penetration posts.

“In the last 24 hours, I’ve talked a lot with artists and other creators who have no hope of hiding their work,” Phillip’s Miner, an artist and creator of several hobby magazines Natural Pursuits, wrote a post. “On the contrary, people are frustrated that they don’t see the content they want to see.”

Boston College Helps Football Player Refuse to Transfer to COVID Vaccine

Reported by USA Today via MSN:

Hafley did not name the player who moved. The school is ruling that its student population is vaccinated before showing up for the fall semester or participating in athletics.

“I never gave my opinion on it. I just said, ‘This is the school rule,'” Hafley said. ACCORDING on ESPN.com. “If you don’t want to get it, I’ll support you. We had a player who didn’t want to get it, and we helped him find a new home. ”

6 NC Hospital Systems Requiring COVID Vaccines for employees

WFMY2 reports:

Six North Carolina hospital groups announced Thursday that all employees must be laid off COVID-19 vaccines, including three hospital systems at Triad-Cone Health, Novant Health and Wake Forest Baptist Health.

Atrium Health, Duke Health and UNC Health hospitals as well NEEDS employees to be vaccinated against COVID-19, approved for release from the North Carolina Healthcare Association.

Union Hospital Workers protest the NewYork-Presbyterian Vaccine Order

NY1 reports:

Hospital workers with 1199 Service Employees International Union (SEIU) rallied Thursday against vaccination at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital mandate.

Pharmacist John Simonian joined hundreds of his union members protesting outside the hospital.

“Force is not the answer, and the mandate to force people to gun the gun is not right,” Simonian said. Simonian has been a hospital pharmacist for 35 years. He said the hospital’s order that all employees be vaccinated is a slippery slope.

Gavin Newsom Seeks School Mask Mandate as COVID Spikes in California

Newsweek reports:

Two groups of parents sued the Democratic California Governor Gavin Newsomover about a mask mandate in public schools. Their lawsuit took place as the state experienced a surge in recent COVID-19 infection.

The groups-Let them breathe and open California schools-have filed a lawsuit against Newsom and top state health officials. The lawsuit alleges that the nationwide mandate that masks must be worn regardless of the vaccination status is detrimental to the “mental and physical health” of children, especially after a year of separation and known at a distance.

‘Don’t Want to Get Vaccinated, Leave’ – Hedge Fund Maker Orders COVID Shots in His Office

CNBC reported:

Anthony Scaramucci, founder and co -manager of SkyBridge, told CNBC on Friday that he was there commanded COVID shot in the office of his hedge fund.

He also called on all eligible Americans to come out and get vaccinated.

“We are a private company. If anyone wants to argue with me about the vaccine mandate, that’s fine. We will take it to court, ”Scaramucci said “Squawk Box,” while asking other firms to follow suit.

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