House Democrats Approve $ 870 Million For Border Security In The Middle East, Squeeze US -Mexico Border Budget – Real Pundit

Democrats made it clear that they had way more problems to deal with than the Southern Border. For months, the border became an open highway as many migrants crossed without any kind of impact. The latest estimate predicts more than 1.2 million migrants will be stranded at the border, with many more crossings completely unnoticed. And while Democrats are good at canceling Trump’s border wall, they recently approved spending $ 870 million on “security” in the middle east that goes hand in hand-a wall

On Tuesday, the House Appropriations Committee, controlled by Democrats, was excited to release their research funding to the Department of Defense. As mentioned above, the fee is $ 870 million for foreign border security, and that’s taxpayer dollars. But what makes this completely absurd is the fact that the bill includes “all” funding for a border wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

For the middle east budget, countries such as Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia, Oman, and Lebanon will receive funding to help with border security and protection. In that budget, $ 150 million will be provided to Jordan to improve security at its border. Another $ 500 million will be provided “to provide assistance to the Jordanian government to support Jordan’s armed forces and to improve security at its borders.” – READ MORE

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