High Admission Prices for College Students Today? Loss of Constitutional Independence • Protecting the Health of Children

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In the past, children sought to go to college to spread their wings, express their freedom and expand their aspirations in an academic setting that accelerated the development of character, intelligence and skills.

But by 2021, the price of admission for many colleges will be accompanied by a loss of the same physical autonomy and critical thinking as COVID-19. vaccine instructions standing among the students and the educations they have worked hard to achieve.

For many students, a sense of dread is set as deadlines for submitting proof of the COVID vaccination procedure. Some are waiting in hope new evidence to the potential harm of young people can convince managers that mandates are not a good idea.

But the steady stream of terrible damage among our youth have failed to persuade colleges to change the course.

Other students discovered that schools that claimed to honor religious exemptions did not provide separation systems both disclose their immunization status and isolate them from normal campus life.

As of this writing, more on 580 of America’s 5,300 colleges and informed universities that students should be fully vaccinated COVID-19 to attend fall classes.

“It’s the biggest thing in my mind,” admits Meredith, who has a background in law and is the mother of two college students, “but I’m waiting and hoping there’s a policy change.”

Her youngest daughter, who will be a freshman at a Catholic university in the fall, is undergoing tests for an autoimmune disorder and has other medical conditions that could put her at greater risk for in a severe. bad reaction.

Meredith heard about the obstacles people face as they try to get medical and religious exemptions. A number of Catholic colleges now facing pushback for their refusal to grant religious exemption to students who do not want to get coronavirus vaccines that involve the use of abused fetal cell lines, including WI 38, female, and MRC-5, male.

Meredith’s older daughter, who was recently released from COVID, was reluctant to fulfill her college’s vaccination mandate to avoid “more punitive” steps to return to school and, thankfully, as okay after three or four days as severe as the COVID -like symptoms that followed him. Johnson and Johnson shot.

“Every child has a different set of risk factors, but these shots are one size fits all,” Meredith said. “In this age group, where the evidence suggests that the greatest risk of harm is in vaccinations, I see it as a violation of medical ethics.”

Like many parents, Meredith has serious reservations about speed followed, irresponsible injections introduced to the human population for the first time (and just below Emergency Use Permit) Just 7 months ago.

There is already a sea of ​​red flags that now has thousands of “success”COVID infections and warnings from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) about high risk of Guillain – Barré syndrome (Johnson & Johnson) and myocarditis (Moderna and Pfizer).

So far there are almost 500,000 reports of adverse events following the COVID vaccination, including nearly 11,000 deaths, government reported Adverse Vaccine Reporting System.

Even the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and other regulatory authorities are doubling it experiment technology insists that the benefits outweigh the risks, despite the fact that the risk of death for COVID among college students <0.1% and the majority of adolescents recovered from infections without occurrence.

If science is settled, it is fixed to use young people as human shields against a disease that never affected them, allowing them to be collateral damage in this pandemic.

“I was angry because there was really no choice,” Meredith said. “The thought of telling my son‘ you can’t go to college ’… I can’t do that. College is a right to start at maturity. But the potential consequences for a young person with a medical condition… this is an impossible situation. ”

This is a real concern for critical thinkers seeking a college education: Are colleges asking students to adopt institutional thinking in order to gain admission?

As someone who has lived in communist China and understands the vital nature of our rights and constitutional freedoms, Meredith was alarmed by what she witnessed.

“If we give our free will to the CDC, the FDA and the rest of the bureaucracy and are forced to ignore available evidence, our own reason and logic, it will only lead to a sense of helplessness, “said Meredith. “If we stop believing that we are free people, we will stop being free people.”


Students who grew up knowing that they could do whatever they wanted if they just applied themselves have now discovered that getting into college means submission.

Thousands of young people who already have COVID are now being asked to excel in their own natural resilience and indifference. the science suggesting that previous infection may be good to put them at increased risk of a serious case of malignant vaccine.

Some who simply resist shots for various reasons are forced to lie down to avoid being expelled.

This is not the freedom that any of the children think of. Nor are they the educations they also envision.

But maybe there is a light at the end of this tunnel. Meredith and others have been notified and are already involved. Parents and students alike called for their courage and began to speak out – gathering offenders, at board of education meetings and at protests across the country.

Lockdowns and school closures have not prevented them from knowing what they need to know to protect themselves and their loved ones-and they are devising new ways to regain equal health and education. .

Innovation and great thinking can happen wherever people are free to think.

Keep on going.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of Children’s Health Defense.

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