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The European Commission on June 14 formally signed law to make The EU Digital COVID Certificate. Regulation will be done effect July 1 and ends in 12 months.

Member States are required to begin issuing the first certificates within six weeks from the commencement date of July 1, if they have not already done so.

During the official signing ceremony, three main EU institutions – Parliament, Council and Commission – signed the regulation to show their support, confirming that the certificate “is a symbol of what Europe stands for.”

Bulgaria, Czechia, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Croatia and Poland began issuing the first passports on June 1. Austria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg and Spain began issuing passports after days.

The rest of the EU and Schengen Area countries, except Hungary and Finland is still in the testing phase, is expected to connect to the new technology framework.

How does the EU passport work

Under the vaccination passport scheme, each EU Member State will issue its own certificate, but all adopt same entry requirement for guests.

Individuals can obtain their passports through testing centers or health authorities, or directly through an eHealth portal.

The digital version of the certificate can be stored on a mobile device. Citizens can also request a version of the paper. Both have a QR code containing important information, as well as a digital signature to ensure the certificate is genuine.

The Digital COVID Certificate will show that a person has been vaccinated against COVID-19, received a negative test result or has recovered from the virus.

Certificate information varies based on users ’vaccination status. For those who have received their shot, the vaccine preparation, vaccination date and the number of doses will be documented.

For those who have not been vaccinated, Member States require PCR or antigen test results to be given when traveling between countries. the passport record the “Test class, test date and exact time, test center name and results.”

the stated purpose of the Digital COVID Certificate to allow people to transfers between EU countries without having to be quarantined or subjected to additional coronavirus tests. However, in accordance with regulations, member states may impose additional travel restrictions in cases where “additional measures are necessary to protect public health.”

What about travelers from outside the US?

Earlier this month, a An EU spokesman said the app can be provided to citizens from non -EU countries, including Americans in the United States who have obtained a certificate exempt from travel bans and quarantine requirements.

“Now also if you are an American, not living in the EU, you can get the certificate if you ask the national authorities of a member state to give you that certificate based on some proof that you have been vaccinated, or have recent COVID trial, ”said an EU spokesman.

The decision on whether to allow non -EU citizens to use the app is up to each member state.

Why the U.S. doesn’t have a national vaccine passport at any given time

A fierce debate has begun in the U.S. over whether a health certificate is digital or “vaccine passportIt is necessary to verify the status of the vaccine, The New York Times reports

To date, the Biden administration has opposed the idea of ​​a “passport vaccine” for the U.S. On May 28, U.S. Director of Homeland Security (DHS) Alejandro Mayorkas said the U.S. is looking at a “closer look” at vaccine passports for international travel. Later in the day, DHS intrigue there is no “federal mandate” for U.S. vaccine passports

Agreed to Los Angeles Times, the U.S. does not have a national database for immunization records that can serve as a source of immunization data to be used in the digital pass. That’s because a national system to create a unique identification number to link the health records of every American has been banned since 1998, led by Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas), who says such a system would be an inappropriate intrusion on privacy.

An attempt at reverse the ban passed the U.S. House in 2019, however REJECTED in the Senate.

Without federal policy, Americans could need multiple digital passes, similar to multiple credit cards in one wallet, As reported in the Los Angeles Times. It can also mean that owners, businesses and operators in the area each have to decide which option is available to them – or not to worry about using any.

A growing number of businesses – from cruise lines on sports area – it has already been said that they will need to prove vaccination for admission or service.

Hundreds of digital health advocacy initiatives are launch test apps that provide reliable electronic record of vaccinations and adverse COVID test results to speed up the process for businesses and other institutions.

The states stand

The issue is there provoked debate in the U.S., and has led many states to introduce the law on curtail or ban on vaccination passports because of Policy, fairness, freedom and tolerance of anxiety.

With these states Florida, Texas, Missouri, Utah, Arizona, Arkansas, Montana, Indiana, Iowa, Alaska, Alabama, South Carolina, North Dakota, South Dakota, Georgia, Wyoming and Idaho.

To date, vaccine passports have been made CARRIED in both states – New York and Hawaii.

New York CARRIED the “Excelsior Pass” – an electronic vaccination certificate made by IBM – that some state businesses require for admission.

Agreed to The New York Times, the state plans to expand the program – estimated to cost taxpayers $ 17 million – it is possible to use the system in the future to verify a resident’s age, driver’s license status and other health records .

In Hawaii, individuals who upload proof of state vaccination are fully vaccinatedSafe Travel“The system allows inter-county travel without pre-travel testing or quarantine restrictions. Governor David Ige said he is targeting July 4 for allowing vaccinated out-of-state travelers to enter Hawaii on bypass restrictions through a similar system.

Beginning June 15, Hawaii grow its passport program for Pacific travelers who have been vaccinated in Hawaii.

Late last week, California Governor Gavin Newsom Office has partnered his state will revolve around a new one vaccine verification system for private businesses.

At an event in San Francisco on June 14, Newsom said the system will include electronic vaccine cards that individuals can hold on their phones as opposed to carrying around a paper.

Once the state fully opens with no capacity limits, which took place on Tuesday, businesses may ask individuals to show their vaccine cards to prove they don’t have to wear a mascara, SFGATE reported. Newsom will announce the California version of this electronic system later this week.

For all new or proposed digital passes or apps in the U.S., people who have been vaccinated or have received a negative test result must first agree that their information will be uploaded to the pass or app, the Reported by the Los Angeles Times.

Outside of the EU and US, Australia was launched earlier this month a digital proof of vaccination certificate, and Japan plan to issue one later this summer.

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