Heavy Selling COVID Vaccine, Passports Bring George Orwell’s ‘Freedom Is Slavery’ On Always • Protecting Children’s Health

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As should be more obvious to anyone who is able to dig under the daily media pouring of Orwellian propaganda, the changes of the entire planet are mediated by the easy clock. COVID crisis not surprisingly unrelated to health. Accelerated by great tech, large military, large pharma’s intuitive operating system and other uses of “biofasism, ”Ang taking made machine in private central banks and their technological partners represent no less than a complete end around human freedom.

Vaccine “passports” or “certificates,” put in place at European Union and australian as well how many US states and businesses, one of the most alarming instruments advancing the oppressive centralization and control agenda. Not a single word has been excavated, made by the author Naomi case that “passports,” if allowed to become customary, could usher in “the end of civil society” and “the literal end of human freedom in the West.”

Why is there a strong push to make travel and commerce as opposed to vaccine passports? An important answer, well POINT of Wolf as CEO of a tech company, is “location intelligence“- said technology expert Patrick Wood” the heart and soul of the Technocracy and Scientific Dictatorship. “If there is no irony, the champions of location data Rhapsodize that such data is a “powerful way to connect people to the area, transactions to actions, responses to trends, and customers to where they do business and the kind of business they do” – finally accelerating the “digital transformation of society as a whole..”

Less happily, technocrats understand, even if not for the most part, location data that allows control at most levels and provides “a platform for understanding what is going on. on all scales. ”This disturbing point was described in a June 21 issue study of JAMA Internal Medicine, which has led to criticism of “small and informal social gatherings,” stating that children’s birthday parties can be potential hotbeds for transmitting SARS-CoV-2.

This willingness on the part of soldiers walking on technology to become party poopers – literally – would be foolish if not for the poor messaging of the study, confirming Wolf’s concerns that we are not the only one. struggle for freedom but in “a war against the people and qualities that make us human. ”

Not allowed to be fun

On its webpage submitted by “small gatherings, ”Updated May 6, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) addresses the topic of social gatherings with family and friends,“ such as small holidays, family dinners and small specials. celebrations. ”To make events“ safer, ”the CDC advises hosts and attendees to limit the number of guests, wear a mask that“ has two or more layers… on the inside and outdoors except when eating or drinking, “social distance, avoid hugs and hugs, provide yourself with food and dishes-and (excluding any“ Happy Birthday ”songs) avoid any loud praise or singing. Better yet, says the CDC, simply have a virtual gathering!

The JAMA birthday party study will help strengthen the CDC’s advice. Conducted by private sector researchers from RAND Corporation, Harvard and “healthcare navigation” company Castlight Health, the study looked at private safeguards that ensure households that members do not have birthdays in past two weeks and COVID-19 prevalence data at the county level. – but no accompanying data from real social gatherings.

Taken at face value, one can see how the study was brought home message – that households in some counties are likely to have a low probability of receiving a diagnosis of COVID after an adult or child has a birthday – may direct troublemakers to the “virtual gathering” solution of CDC. However, one must single out the definition of risk in the study. As that became par for the course of utterances of danger designed to avoid COVID -related behavior in a specific direction, the researchers did not say anything about absolute risk, even though it is considered by many that absolute risk statistics are “extremely high. by presenting the results of the research. to help… make decisions. ”

As such, while the study found a 31% “somewhat increase” in COVID diagnoses that were “related to birthdays” – a finding, moreover, was only part of the households of 10% of province with the highest background prevalence of COVID-the increased absolute risk (again, in only 10% of counties with high background-prevalence) amounts to a subtle 0.086 increase in COVID “background rate” of .278 / 100. However, the researchers amplified their antisocial message in conclusion that “policy interventions designed to limit disease transmission should also focus on informal accumulation.”

Defending freedom

The heavy marketing of COVID injection and COVID vaccine passports as “freedom” tickets bring the reversal of George Orwell’s “freedom is slavery” logic completely forward. The “appendix” to 1984 explains that while the fictional totalitarian regime Oceania was quick to listen to the use of the word “free” in statements such as “This dog is free from lice” or “This field is free from weeds, “usages like“ politically independent ”or“ intellectually ignorant ”are lost to total and deliberate extinction because the concepts themselves are obliterated.

The alarming speed used by the U.S. and once “strong” Western democracy to enforce “elements of a locked, 360-degree totalitarianism”Accelerated not only by previously unimaginable levels of global policy coordination but also by public confidence. The crucial question of the day, therefore, is whether citizens will continue to allow open efforts to free the memory hole.

Lobbying for COVID vaccine mandates and U.S. passports, one of the latest proponents of vaccine coercion has recently argued that the Biden administration “it would never have been so shocking about vaccine validation, ”in openly calling mandates and“ validation ”desired tools to“ push [the unvaccinated] in the right direction. ”

And if we believe the Gallup poll propaganda, more than half of Americans already on board, supporting policies such as showing proof of vaccination to fly or attend game or concert activities. On the other hand, in an “unscientific” poll on the website of independent journalist Sharyl Attkisson, 97% of respondents answered that “not really! “to the question” Do you support applying for a ‘vaccine passport’? “

The debilitating cold water that is now being tossed at children’s dawn parties is part of a set of demonstrated COVID policies that, in Naomi Wolf’s words, “As designed to ensure that people are not left with an‘ analog ’or‘ analog ’culture – there is no comfortable way to just hang out in a room, touch each other as friends or ally, or companion. ”

Fortunately, as author Allan Stevo has noticed, Americans “became more assertive and resilient” about freedom, “saying ‘Yes!’ of good things ”and“ say ‘No!’ “

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