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CNN medical analyst Dr. Leana Wen said he was “disappointed” by President Joe Biden’s performance at a town hall on Wednesday about his answers to questions about the coronavirus and vaccines.

Speaking at CNN’s town hall with a panel after the incident, Wen felt that Biden didn’t “know the facts of what happened on the ground” about the virus, with some of his responses being question “irresponsibly,” and he “misleads people” when he claims that vaccinated people are “very well protected” against Delta’s different virus.

“I was really disappointed with President Biden’s… responses tonight because I actually think he was answering questions like a month ago,” Wen said after being pointed out by host Anderson Cooper that some of the Biden’s answers were “really wrong.”

“He never knew the realities of what was happening on the ground,” he said before describing the increase in cases across the country that originated in different deltas.

Wen admits that experts have yet to answer many of the questions surrounding vaccines and vaccines. Delta different, such as the degree to which a vaccinated person is protected from mild disease, and how contagious they can still be in other people if they carry the virus. “I really think I’m irresponsible,” he added.- READ MORE

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