Haitian President Killed by Unknown Attackers, State of Emergency Declared

Haitian President Jovenel Moise was shot dead by unknown assailants at his private residence one night in a “barbaric act” shortly after midnight on Wednesday morning the government said, aroused fears that unrest would escalate in the impoverished Caribbean country.

The wife of the 53-year-old president, Martine Moise, was also shot in the attack that occurred around 1 a.m. local time and was treated, according to a statement by Interim Prime Minister Claude Joseph. “A group of unidentified individuals, some of them speaking Spanish, attacked the private residence of the president of the republic and thus killed the head of state,” he said.

The killings have been linked to a violent gang flooding in Port-au-Prince as armed groups have been fighting police and each other for control of the streets in recent months, making several districts of the capital with no go-zone.

Joseph condemned the killing of what he described as a “hateful, inhumane and violent act.” The PM added that the police and the army were in control of the security situation even though gunshots were heard throughout the crime which took 1 million people after the attack.

In Haiti which is politically motivated and facing a growing humanitarian crisis and food shortages, fears of widespread unrest are spreading. The Dominican Republic says it has closed the border it divides with Haiti on the island of Hispaniola.

Joseph asked the public to remain calm, and that “the security situation in the country is under the control of the Haitian National Police and the Armed Forces of Haiti.” He said, “all steps have been taken to ensure the sustainability of the State and the protection of the Nation. Democracy and the Republic will win.”

The Caribbean country has been hit by economic, political, and social setbacks, with out-of-control gang violence on the rise in the capital Port-au-Prince. Food and fuel inflation soared because the average daily wage was close to $ 2. There was a lot of anger around the Moses administration from many areas of the civilian population. There have been calls for his removal from office before the end of his term.

A UN peacekeeping mission – meant to restore order after a rebellion that toppled former President Jean -Bertrand Aristide in 2004 – ended in 2019 with the country still in turmoil. In recent years, Haiti has been hit by a series of natural disasters and even brought reports of a major earthquake in 2010.

Moise, a banana-issuing politician, faced fierce protests after taking office as president in 2017. This year, the opposition accused him of seeking to install a dictatorship by preferring his mandate and becoming more authoritative. He denies the accusations.

“All steps are being taken to guarantee the sustainability of the state and to protect the country,” Joseph said.

Moses ruled by decree especially a year after the country failed to hold a legislative election and wanted to push for a controversial constitutional reform.

The United States is investigating the “horrific attack” and President Joe Biden will be instructed about the murder, White House secretary Jen Psaki told Washington. The U.S. Embassy said in a statement that it would close on Wednesday due to the “ongoing security situation”.

The United States condemned on June 30 the described systematic violation of human rights, fundamental freedoms and attacks on the press in Haiti, urging the government to counter the rise of gangs and violence.

“We are ready and stand by them to provide any help that is needed,” he said. “Of course our embassy and the State Department are close but it’s a tragedy. We stand with them and cause the people of Haiti to know that.”

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