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President Joe Biden’s mental acuity has moved to such a rapid level that he “probably didn’t find his way home after dark,” Sky News Australia reported.

The network acknowledged that it had received a hefty number of emails about President Biden’s intellectual presence after the cable news network described Biden as “difficult,” “almost meaningless,” and a “Human body” deep in stages of progressive mental retardation. ”That coverage continued on Monday.

“Many of you have written to me about Joe Biden,” SAYS host Alan Jones, who played several shots of Biden’s confusion.

“All of a sudden, the world’s greatest power is in the hands of a tiny shattered block like he’s always waking up from heavy anesthesia,” Jones said. He also quoted New York Post columnist Kyle Smith, who ASK “If it’s safe to approach with a pair of scissors.”

Jones reported that Rep. Ronny Jackson (R -TX) – former White House doctor to President Obama – suggests President Biden taking a mental acuity examination together

“Obviously there’s no way Joe Biden can pass a test to determine his cognitive ability or memory impairment,” Jones said – noting the geopolitical implications of a corrupt commander in chief. at the White House.— READ MORE

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